SRS leadership President's Message

Welcome to the Scoliosis Research Society Website, which will serve as a portal of information about spinal deformities and allow you to access the premier spinal surgeons treating these disorders.

The SRS is an international society of men and women dedicated to the optimal care and study of spinal deformities, primarily scoliosis, kyphosis, and spondylolisthesis. Through both operative and non-operative care, expert treatment and research is fostered around the globe.

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Mission Statement

The Scoliosis Research Society provides information on these web pages regarding research and links as a public service. The SRS believes that patients should contact their treating physician about the relevance of any information listed on the site prior to proceeding with any particular treatment. Just as no two individuals are exactly alike, no two patients with a spinal deformity are the same. Therefore, your spinal deformity surgeon will be the most important source of information about the management of your particular spinal problem.