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March 2011
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Governance Council Update

Hubert Labelle, MD
Governance Council Chair and Secretary

The Governance Council consists of (in alphabetical order) the Advocacy and Public Policy, Bylaws and Policies, Coding, Ethics, Fellowship, Global Affairs Advisory Board, Historical, Industry Relations, Newsletter, and Public Relations Committees. All of the committees have active charges and are engaged in activities in support of the SRS.

The Advocacy & Public Policy Committee, chaired by John Lubicky, MD, has been quite active and is working to involve all committee members and more SRS members in trying to get a declaration designating June as Scoliosis Awareness Month in their states. Please refer to Dr Lubickyís recent article in the December 2010 Newsletter on how to attempt to obtain a Proclamation by your Stateís Governor. The Committee is also working with the Non-Operative Committee to develop or update information on alternative treatments and have submitted nominations for two AAOS committees member positions. Our President, Lawrence Lenke MD, and John Lubicky MD, will both represent SRS at Research Capitol Hill Days on March 16-17.

The Bylaws Committee, chaired by James Roach, MD, is in the process of reviewing and reorganizing our Policy and Procedures Manual, as requested by the Presidential Line and the Board of Directors. They have started this task by reviewing the Governance Council and all committees that fall under this council, and will work their way through all four Councils over the coming year. Their effort will ensure that this document is up to date and adequately covers the day-to-day details of our organization.

The Coding Committee, chaired by Jeffrey Neustadt, MD, is actively pursuing its goal of helping members understand the correct coding by preparing coding case examples and articles for publication in each newsletter. Upcoming subjects are coding for osteotomies and articles on the Relative Value Upgrade Committee (RUC) of the AMA and the Common Procedural Terminology (CPT) who defines the language of coding.

The Ethics Committee, chaired by Abbott Byrd, MD, is completing a comprehensive SRS Ethics Document. The goal is to have it approved at the July Board meeting and presented to members at the 2011 Annual Meeting in September. This document consists of four sections: 1- ANSRS Conceptual Mission Statement, 2- A Professional Medical Association ethical section, which addresses the various ethical issues for the SRS as a society, 3- A Standards of Professionalism document adapted for SRS members, and 4- A SRS Ethical Discipline Management Process document.

The Fellowship Committee is chaired by Serena Hu, MD, and reviews applications twice a year. It is interesting to note that out of 25 Candidate applicants this year, 16 are from outside of the United States, suggesting a trend towards more globalization of our society.

The Historical Committee, led by Nathan Lebwohl, MD, is preparing a PowerPoint presentation /e-poster on the history of spine surgery in Louisville for the upcoming Annual Meeting. He will also schedule additional video interviews during the meeting of members who have made significant contributions to the field of spinal deformity. The existing videos are available to members on the website.

The Industry Relations Committee, led by Richard McCarthy, MD, has reviewed and approved the 2011 Corporate Partnerís Program Brochure, and is actively meeting with our industry partners to insure that appropriate processes are followed and that value is delivered to both parties in the preparation of our meetings.

The Public Relations Committee, chaired by Michael La Grone, MD, has finalized a brochure on "What you should know about the SRS," which contains basic information for patients regarding our society and its mission, as well on information about patient advocacy organizations. This document will be made available on the website and 20 to 30 copies will be sent shortly to all members for distribution in their offices.

The Newsletter Committee is chaired and edited by Vicki Kalen MD, and always welcomes ideas for articles in the Newsletter or new features on an ongoing basis. Feel free to contact her at:

The Global Affairs Advisory Board is chaired by Kenneth Cheung, MD and continues to act as a resource on matters related to our international representation among active members of the SRS.