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March 2011
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M&M Data Due April 1st

The Morbidity and Mortality Committee has been working hard to improve the quality and usefulness of the M&M data. The anticipated effect has been an improved participation rate from the membership in M&M data collection.

One of the Committee's charges is to assess the value of the M&M data to the membership. The Committee values your opinion and asks that you participate in an online survey that will be e-mailed to you in early April. Results will be available in the September SRS Newsletter.

Deadline: The M&M submission site for 2010 data will close on April 1, 2011 at 11:59 PM CDT.

Active Fellows (surgeons) are required to submit annual online reports. If you choose not to submit, a $300 contribution to the M&M research collection fund will be assessed on your annual membership dues invoice. The assessment will begin in 2011 for non-submission of 2010 reports.

All Candidate Fellows (surgeons) are required to submit online annual reports. Non-compliance with this requirement may hinder your chance to apply for Active Fellowship. Candidate Fellows do not have the option to opt out by paying the assessment.

If you have questions please contact Nilda Toro at