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June 2011
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Global Affairs Advisory Board Update

Hilali Noordeen, FRCS

The 12th International Phillip Zorab Symposium was held in London on the 16th March, 2011, and ran through Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The IPZS is the flagship spinal deformity conference for the British Scoliosis Research Foundation (BSRF). We had a full programme and packed in a large number of presentations and speakers, both instructional and invited speakers, as well as paper presentations. There were nearly 25 countries represented.

The meeting was a great success and the companies who attended the meeting also had very positive feedback about their experience and the attendance they had at their booths.

The consensus of the meeting was that innovation and research had a tremendous impact on the quality of care of patients, both in terms of identifying the cause of spinal deformity and different treatment modalities that may be on offer.

By universal acclaim, it was felt that this was one of the most important research meetings in the world of its kind, and a repeat of this in approximately two years was thought to be necessary. Early indications suggest it will again be held in London in March, 2013.

BSRF are hoping to become the leading research body, both in terms of encouraging research and having the Zorab meeting both as an inducement for young researchers to undertake research, but also giving them a forum to publicise their work with like minded specialists from different disciplines.

Chair: Kenneth MC Cheung, PhD Members: Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, MD, Osmar Avanzi, MD, Ernesto S. Bersusky, MD, Dietrich K.A. Schlenzka, MD, Michael Ruf, MD, Hee-Kit Wong, MD, Khalil Kharrat, MD, Mohammed M. Mossaad, MD.