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March 2012
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Website Updates

Michael S. Roh

Michael S. Roh, MD
Website Committee Chair

SRS E-Text Open to Public: The SRS E-Text is a compendium of chapters covering a wide variety of topics relevant to spinal deformity, written by experts in the field. Though initially reserved for SRS members, the E-Text may now be accessed by the general public and healthcare professionals alike. SRS members should feel free to refer other physicians and providers, medical students, and interested patients to the E-Text site ( as a valuable educational resource, and full access will be granted following a simple registration process.

Non-Operative Videos Posted: Paul Sponseller, MD, with the help of Kristin Venuti, NP, has contributed two professional videos of adolescent patients sharing their experiences of undergoing active brace treatment for spinal deformity ( Though the SRS website showcases numerous patient stories involving surgical outcomes, these non-operative videos focus on the benefits of bracing and the positive perspectives related by two teenagers being treated for idiopathic scoliosis and Scheuermann's kyphosis respectively. These videos can provide a personal message of cooperation and hope to young patients with spinal deformities, in a manner not previously made available. Congratulations to Dr. Sponseller and his team for identifying and filling this need in the treatment of our younger patients.

SRS Facebook Page Expansion: Though SRS launched its Facebook page only last year, with the help of Ahmad Nassr, MD, our presence in the realm of social media has expanded rapidly. News, information, and videos are regularly posted and updated by SRS staff, with plentiful positive feedback from fans. For example, the non-operative videos were posted, and within months, had been viewed thousands of times. For all SRS members, we encourage you and your staff to "Like" the SRS Facebook page (, which will allow us to reach out to more patients and providers.

Expansion of Website Translations: In the interest of increasing the SRS presence as an international organization with global membership, the project of translating the SRS website into multiple languages is underway. Though modest portions of the website have been addressed in the past, a more comprehensive and ongoing translation of the website represents a substantial undertaking, which will be directed chiefly by Website Committee Members Michael Flippin, MD, and Tony Rinella, MD. By making the SRS website more accessible and relevant to spinal surgeons and patients around the world, we hope to increase the role of SRS in education, advocacy, and delivery of care.

Chair: Michael S. Roh, MD Committee Members: John F. Sarwark, MD; Christopher Bergin, MD; Mark B. Dekutoski, MD; John R. Dimar, MD; Andrew G. King, MD; Adrian Gardner, FRCS; Glenn R. Rechtine, MD; Ron El-Hawary, MD; Jwalant S. Mehta, FRCS; Ahmad Nassr, MD; Matthew J. Geck, MD; Anthony S. Rinella, MD; Ross R. Moquin, MD; Behrooz Akbarnia, MD; Munish C. Gupta, MD; Mark D. Rahm, MD; Michael Flippin, MD; Stefan Parent, MD, PhD