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March 2012
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Fellowship Committee Report

Carlos Tello

Carlos Tello, MD
Fellowship Committee Chair

The Fellowship Committee diligently reviews Candidate, Associate and Active applications twice annually providing its recommendations to the Board of Directors (BOD) for final approval at the September and February Board meetings.

SRS Fellowship continues to grow at a gradual pace with very enthusiastic and qualified individuals.
We are pleased to announce our new 2012 Fellows.

Candidates (36):

Brent Adams, MD
Terry D. Amaral, MD
Mehmet B. Balioglu, MD
Jason Bernard, MD, FRCS(Orth), MBchB
Serkan Bilgic, MD
Santiago Tomas Bosio, MD
Jeff Cassidy, MD
Robert H. Cho, MD
Meagan Fernandez, DO
Sumeet Garg, MD
Tenner J. Guillaume, MD
Chang Ju Hwang, MD, PhD
Seung-Jae Hyun, MD, PhD
Viral V. Jain, MD
Michael P. Kelly, MD
Patrick T. Knott, PhD, PA-C
Mun Keong Kwan, MBBS, MS(Orth)
Virginie LaFage, PhD

Annalise N. Larson, MD
Darren R. Lebl, MD
Jung-Hee Lee, MD
Takuya Mishiro, MD, PhD
Payam Moazzaz, MD
Thierry A. Odent, MD, PhD
Matthew E. Oetgen, MD
Erbil Oguz, MD
Eijiro Okada, MD, PhD
Nasir Ali Quraishi, FRCS
Scott S. Russo, MD
Masood Shafafy, FRCS(Orth)
Matthew Jon Shaw, FRCS, MBBS, FRSA
Carl R. St. Remy, MD
Ganesh Swamy, MD, FRCS(C)
Juan S. Uribe, MD
Alejo Vernengo-Lezica, MD
Barón Zárate Kalfópulos, MD

Associate Fellows (8):

Christina Cook, PhD
Richard P. Eyb, MD
Rachid K. Haidar, MD
Hwan Tak Hee, MBBS, FRCS

Steven E. Mather, MD
Pamela R. Morrison, MS, PT, BS
Kimberly A. O'Brien, PA-C
Mary Lou Oliver, RN, BSN, MS

Special congratulations to our new Active Fellows (29), who have successfully completed the five-year Candidate process:

Takashi Asazuma, MD
Ramin Bagheri, MD
Stuart V. Braun, MD
Donita I. Bylski-Austrow, PhD
Ivan Cheng, MD
Mario Di Silvestre, MD
Craig Eberson, MD
Ron El-Hawary, MD, FRCS
Stephen T. Enguidanos, MD
Christine L. Farnsworth, MS
John A. I. Ferguson, FRACS
Ian J. Harding, BA, FRCS

Ronald A. Lehman, Jr., MD
Jason E. Lowenstein, MD
Toru Maruyama, MD, PhD
Sharon Kay Mayberry, MD
Matthew J. Mermer, MD
Michael T. Rohmiller, MD
Pierre Roussouly, MD
Maria Cristina Sacramento Dominguez, MD, PhD
David G. Schwartz, MD
David Siambanes, DO
Edward C. Sun, MD
Kelly Vanderhave, MD

New Active Fellows accepted through the Fast Track program (5):

Helton Luiz Aparecido Defino, MD
Deszoe J. Jeszenszky, MD
Keyvan Mazda, MD, MS

Alejandro A. Reyes-Sánchez, MD
Jingming Xie, MD

New Emeritus Fellows (12):

Thomas E. Bailey Jr., MD
Henk D. Been, MD
Daniel R. Benson, MD
R. Jay Cummings, Jr., MD
Thomas R. Dempsey, MD
Vance O. Gardner, MD
William C. Horton, MD

Philip J. Mayer, MD
Michael B. Millis, MD
Francisco Montalvo, MD
Scot J. Mubarak, MD
Charles T. Price, MD

Morbidity and Mortality Reminder:
2011 online M&M reports are due before April 1, 2012. This is an annual requirement for both Candidate and Active fellows (surgeons). Active fellows (surgeons) who do not complete M&M reports will be assessed a $300 fee that will go toward the research for continued M&M related research. SRS considers M&M reporting a valuable part of our membership and highly encourages submissions.

To Candidate Fellows:
As a society committed to improving the care and treatment of spine deformity patients, it is important that all members of our society continually evaluate, learn and improve in our care of these patients. This requires a critical self-review of one's cases on a regular basis. Toward this, all Candidate Fellows seeking to advance to Active status are required to submit an 11-month case list of all patients treated, which includes data on non-operative cases as well as reporting of complications and outcomes. As of September 2009, Active applicants must include non-operative patients in their case list and failure to do so will prevent a Candidate Fellow from becoming an Active Fellow. Please note that the annual online M&M report is separate from the 11-month case list.

Membership Dues:

  • As of September 2008 you will not be allowed to register for SRS meetings if your dues are not paid.
  • Dues paid at IMAST or the Annual Meeting will be charged a 20% late fee.
  • Dues can be paid online at on the Members-Only section of the website.

Fast Track to Active Fellowship Reminder:
The SRS would like to offer senior surgeons who have made a significant contribution to spinal deformity an opportunity to become SRS members through an accelerated approach. The Fast Track option will bypass the five year candidate period and offer an Active Fellowship, if all prerequisites are met. This option will expire June 30, 2014. Application deadlines are December 1 and June 30 of every year.

If you know of a senior spine surgeon who would be interested, please have them contact Nilda Toro, Membership Manager at

The following must be verified by SRS office before an application is released:

  • 15 years or more in spine deformity practice.
  • Full professorship or equivalency.
    • Time spent in fellowship/training is not calculated.
  • A clinical practice which includes at least 20% spinal deformity.
  • Three abstracts submitted to the SRS Annual Meeting or IMAST, or one accepted, within five years of application date.
  • Have attended at least two SRS meetings, one must be an Annual Meeting, and the other may be IMAST, within five years of application date.

A complete Fast Track submission includes:

  • One copy of the completed fast track application. Provided by SRS office only.
  • One copy of your current Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Five letters of recommendation from current Active or Emeritus (previously Active) SRS members.
    • One of the five letters may be from the president of your local spine deformity society (non-SRS Member is acceptable).
    • Letters may be sent directly to the SRS office.
  • A non-refundable $100 USD application fee (discount for low income countries available).
  • One copy of a current photo (you may either send a hard copy with the application or email an electronic copy to

Active Fellow responsibilities:

  • Attend at least one Annual Meeting or IMAST every three consecutive years and one SRS Annual Meeting at least every five consecutive years.
  • Submit annual online Morbidity & Mortality reports (surgeons) or contribute $300 USD to the M&M research fund.
  • Pay annual membership dues on each calendar year, of $500 USD or World Bank Economy rate

    *Only Active Fellows may vote and hold elected offices within SRS

Membership Benefits:

  • Special access to the "Members-Only" section of our website to view:
    • Past meeting sessions
    • Full access to the online E-Text that covers many interesting and helpful topics
    • Our amazing historical archives
    • Quarterly on-line newsletters
    • Global Outreach Lecture Depository
  • Leadership opportunities through committee involvement
  • Educational opportunities through small group tutorials
  • Be listed on our physician locator
  • Reduced meeting registration for the Annual Meetings & International Meeting on Advance Spine Techniques (IMAST)
  • Network with premier spine surgeons from around the world.

Special News!!
We are pleased to announce that the first edition of Spine Deformity, the Official Journal of the SRS will make its début January 2013. A preview issue will be available at the 47th Annual Meeting & Course in Chicago, Illinois, USA, September 5-8, 2012. We hope to see you there!

Committee Chair: Carlos Tello, MD Committee Members: Laurel Blakemore, MD, Hilalli Nordeen, FRCS, Douglas Burton, MD and Serena S. Hu, MD.