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June 2012
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3D Scoliosis Committee Update, June 2012

Hubert Labelle, MD and Carl-Eric Aubin PhD, P.Eng
3D Scoliosis Committee Chair and Co-Chair

Hubert Labelle, MD

Over the past year, the 3D Scoliosis Committee has kept busy pursuing its three main mandates of developing a 3D classification of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, performing 3D analysis of scoliosis treatment by improving the da Vinci view (transverse plane view) to evaluate 3D scoliotic deformities, and promoting 3D analysis of scoliosis.

One of the main challenges remains to present the additional and complex information brought by adding the third dimension into an understandable manner. The committee has proposed a graphic display of the transverse plane (or ‘’top view’’) of scoliosis which allows a better understanding of how the various curves seen in the frontal plane are oriented in space and how correction in 3D can be achieved after surgery, such as in the example shown below, before and after surgical correction. The committee is also characterizing normal spines to have reference values for the planes of maximum curvature.

A well-attended Symposium on 3D analysis of scoliosis was organized by the 3D Scoliosis Committee and held during the 46th Annual Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The various presentations allowed committee members to explain and illustrate the committee’s work over the past few years. The presentations are available in the SRS Member’s Only section of the SRS website.

Two peer-reviewed grants have been obtained to support the research activities from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (“Towards a 3-D classification of AIS”; 2010-13) and OREF (“Prospective Multi-center analysis on 3D factors involved in the decision to perform a selective vs. non-selective fusion in AIS”; 2012-15).

We wish to acknowledge all members of the committee for their work over this past year, with special thanks to the core members: Lawrence G. Lenke, MD; Peter O. Newton, MD; Roger P. Jackson, MD; Stefan Parent, MD, PhD; Ian A. F. Stokes, MD, PhD and Virginie Lafage, PhD.

Committee Co-Chairs: Hubert Labelle, MD; Carl Eric Aubin, PhD, P.Eng Committee Members: Lawrence G. Lenke, MD; Roger P. Jackson, MD; Peter O. Newton, MD; Stefan Parent, MD, PhD; Pierre Roussouly, MD; Virginie C. Lafage, PhD.