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September 2012
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Public Relations Committee Update

Andrew G. King, MD
Public Relations Committee Chair

Andrew G. King, MD

The job of the Public Relations Committee is to be the interface between the society and the public. The committee has sought to distribute topical and unbiased information about scoliosis, and to promote members of the Scoliosis Research Society as the first choice for spinal deformity diagnosis and treatment.

In the past this has taken the form of newsletters and brochures, but with the advent of the internet and social media, consumers have been accessing many different sources for their information. The society and the Public Relations Committee have been taking steps to restructure our PR efforts to conform to this change.

Brochures are still helpful, especially for reading material in doctor's waiting rooms, but we need to get the message out through media such as Facebook, blogs such as REDDIT, and videos on YouTube.

We would encourage SRS members at large to send us videos, slide presentations, or other communications that they think would help highlight the society as a trusted source of balanced information on scoliosis. These would be vetted by the committee and used appropriately, working closely with the website and compelling stories committees.

Stacey Lewis

We also seek prominent spokespeople, such as WPGA golf sensation Stacey Lewis, who has had scoliosis surgery.

With the pending 50th anniversary of the SRS, we will be looking to show the public the huge changes for the better in scoliosis care over the last half century. We would appeal to our Emeritus Members for early material on scoliosis treatment that would offer a contrast to modern procedures.

The SRS has a great story of success and we need to get it out to the public.

Committee Chair: Andrew G. King, MD Committee Members: Michael O. LaGrone, MD; Walaa Elassuity, MD; Gregory R. White, MD; Ian Bruce McPhee, MD, FRACS; Robert M. Bernstein, MD; Lori A. Karol, MD; Allen L. Carl, MD; Angela M. Strader, RN.