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December 2012
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Education Committee Activities: Fall 2012

John R. Dimar, II, MD
Education Chair

John R. Dimar, II, MD

The Education Committee, in combination with the CME Committee, has been reviewing the feedback from the 47th Annual Meeting & Course in Chicago, Illinois, USA to identify potential educational needs of the Society’s membership.  From these comments, we have done a basic gap analysis and have sent out an educational survey to all committee members to confirm these needs while concurrently working on potential Pre-Meeting Course curriculum for the upcoming 48th Annual Meeting & Course in Lyon, France.  Since next year’s meeting is at an international destination, the committee has decided to focus on the worldwide perspective of the treatment of spinal disease and pathology.  Due to this focus, we will be asking many of our international members to participate in the educational program. Our goal is to provide an informative, exciting and highly educational program that is CME accredited to all our members and meeting delegates. Ultimately our goal is to ensure that the program will add significant new knowledge and treatment techniques to all meeting delegates’ practices.

Additional educational opportunities at the annual meeting include three Half-Day Courses and six Lunchtime Symposia, an additional two from last year.  The Lunchtime Symposiums are a great learning opportunity for the membership to attend while having lunch and offer a more casual educational environment.  We encourage all of the members to try to attend these courses. We have received numerous proposals from the membership for these educational opportunities and the committee will be deciding which ones will be presented over the next several weeks.  Some of these proposals are very exciting since they are new topics that have not been presented at previous SRS Annual Meetings.  Hopefully, these focused educational proposals will offer the membership various new educational experiences. The final list will be presented after the first of the year with completed agendas.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) accepted a two-hour symposium proposal entitle “A Decade of Change in the Treatment of Pediatric & Adult Spinal Deformity: What Innovations in Diagnostic, Guidance & Surgical Techniques Have Proven Effective?” which has been cobranded by SRS.  Many of the members who presented at this year’s SRS Annual Meeting will be presenting at the symposium and it is a great privilege for the course accepted into such a competitive meeting.  The committee encourages any members at the AAOS meeting in March to attend the symposia.

Chair: John R. Dimar, II, MD Committee Members: Mark B. Dekutoski, MD; Suken A. Shah, MD; Frank J. Schwab, MD; Paul D. Sponseller, MD; Terry D. Amaral, MD; Christopher P. Ames, MD; Michael S. Chang, MD; Robert H. Cho, MD; Brian Hsu, MD; Andrew H. Jea, MD; Elias C. Papadopoulos, MD; Scott S. Russo, MD; Adam L. Wollowick, MD; Lukas P. Zebala, MD; Lori A. Karol, MD; Daniel W. Green, MS, MD. FACS; Sigurd H. Berven, MD; John C. France, MD; Kit M. Song, MD, MHA; S. Rajasekaran, MD, FRCS, MCh. PhD; Mark Weidenbaum, MD.