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December 2012
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The E-Text Goes Mobile

Praveen Mummaneni, MD
E-Text Committee Chair

Praveen Mummaneni, MD

The SRS E-Text is now available online through the website. This electronic textbook is now free of charge to both SRS members and nonmembers as a "go anywhere, anytime" online resource covering a broad array of spinal deformity topics. 

Currently 47 chapters, many with accompanying surgical videos from master surgeons, are available online. More chapters and videos will be added in the upcoming months. The E-Text can be accessed online using any device with an internet connection. We encourage users to log in and review the latest up-to-date information on a variety of spinal deformity topics. In 2013, the E-Text will be made available as a download by your Smartphone or tablet device. Please be sure to let your residents and fellows know about the E-Text becoming available for their use!

The E-Text can be a quick reference for attending physicians  and residents. Everyone is encouraged to at least scan the chapters. They are well-written and illustrated.
 -Editor John Lubicky

Chair: Praveen Mummaneni, MD Committee Members: James W. Ogilvie, MD; John P. Dormans, MD; Adrian C. Gardner, FRCS; Sumeet Garg, MD; Dmytro Petrenko, MD; Noriaki Kawakami, MD, DMSc; Fernando Emilio Silva, MD;  John C. France, MD.