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September 2013
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Research Grant Committee Update

Charles E. Johnston, II, MD
Research Grant Committee Chair

Charles E. Johnston, II, MD

The Research Grant Committee was pleased to receive 24 grant applications for the Spring 2013 Cycle.

As in the recent past two cycles, the committee chose to consider the grants separated into three team categories – clinical deformity (n=12), biomechanics and basic science (n=7), and molecular biochemistry and genetics (n=5).  Each grant was reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers from each team plus an additional review from either another team leader, the committee chair, or a consultant reviewer in the case of special expertise required (for the genetics grants primarily).

Available Research funds for the cycle included $ 138,338 from the SRS general funds, a $20,000 award from the Stacy Lewis Foundation to apply to a clinical research project, and a $25,000 unrestricted grant from Medtronic. The winning grants are:

Neuroprotection against oxidative stress in a model of distraction spinal cord injury
Jennifer Seifert, PhD University of Texas at Arlington $48,300  
Efficacy and Pharmocogenetic profile of I.V. Transexamic acid in decreasing blood loss in pediatric AIS surgery
Susan M. Goobie, MD    Boston Children’s Hospital $50000 ($20000 partial funding from the Stacy Lewis grant)

Effect of torque on remodelling of vertebral growth plate      
X C Liu MD, PhD   Medical College of Wisconsin $34,300 
Effect of asymmetric muscle impairment on development of scoliosis
John M. Popovich, PhD   Michigan State University $9,981

Clinical significance of measuring lumbopelvic position
Ann M. Hayes, PT     Saint Louis University $10,000 
Novel loci associated with scoliosis identified through protein-protein interaction studies
Zhe Chen, MD  University of Colorado $25,000 (funded by Medtronic grant)

The Grant Outcomes Subcommittee has reviewed over 10 currently funded grants for progress and continued funding, and has solicited 4 of the 2011-12 grant recipients to present interim reports at the lunchtime research symposium during the 2013 Annual Meeting in Lyon.  Those projects include:

Toward the etiology of Idiopathic Scoliosis Using the Distribution Patterns of Quantitative MR Parameters Within the Intervertebral Discs as Predictive Factors of Progression
Delphine Perie-Curnier, PhD
A Novel Approach to use Surface Topography Results for Assessing Scoliosis
Eric Parent, PhD
Molecular Analysis of the BMP-7 Action on Intervertebral Disc Cells
Guang-Quin Zhou, MD, PhD
Identification of a Locus for Idiopathic Scoliosis on Chromosome 12p
Phillip F. Giampietro, MD, PhD

All society members are encouraged to attend this hot-off-the-press updates on the grants currently funded by the SRS.  See you there.

Charlie Johnston

Chair: Charles E. Johnston, II, MD Committee Members: John M. Flynn, MD; Kirkham B. Wood, MD; Lori Dolan, PhD; Jonathan H. Phillips, MD; Samuel K. Cho, MD; Michael P. Kelly, MD; Virginie C. Lafage, PhD; Annalise N. Larson, MD; Jwalant S. Mehta, FRCS(ortho); Michelle C. Marks, PT, MA; Jonathan E. Fuller, MD; Andrew G. King, MD; Joseph H. Perra, MD; Brian D. Snyder, MD, PhD; Carol A. Wise, PhD; Khaled Kebaish, MD; Baron S. Lonner, MD; Michael Rosner, MD.