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LPGA Golfer Stacy Lewis Inspires Scoliosis Patients

From left to right: Andrea Hall, Kiara Tassey, Alexis Ortiz, Stacy Lewis

From left: Andrea Hall, Kiara Tassey, Alexis Ortiz, Stacy Lewis

LPGA Golfer and SRS Spokeswoman Stacy Lewis recently met with three young women recovering from scoliosis surgery.  The meeting took place during the RR Donnelley Founders Cup tournament, in which Lewis was playing with SRS as her designated charity. Patients Andrea Hall, Kiara Tassey and Alexis Ortiz are patients of SRS member Greg R. White, MD, of Phoenix Children's Hospital. SRS Past President Oheneba Boachie Adjei, MD and President Elect B. Stephens Richards, MD attended the tournament  and met with Lewis as well.

Learn more about Stacy's meeting with the patients on the LPGA website. Click here to learn more about Stacy's treatment for scoliosis.

From left: Greg R. White, MD, Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, MD, Stacy Lewis, B. Stephens Richards, MD

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