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46th Annual Meeting & Course Award Winners

The Scoliosis Research Society would like to congratulate the following award winners from the 46th Annual Meeting & Course.

Russell A. Hibbs Awards

Each year the Hibbs Awards are given to the best Basic Science and Clinical papers presented at the SRS Annual Meeting & Course.  The top ten abstracts in each category are invited to submit their papers for consideration.

The Russell A. Hibbs Award for the Best Clinical Science Presentation was presented to Paper # 27, Clinical Results and Functional Outcome in Adult Patients Following Surgical Treatment for Spinal Deformity: Primary vs. Revision, by Hamid Hassanzadeh, MD, Amit Jain, Mostafa H. El Dafrawy, MD, Philip Neubauer, MD, Addisu Mesfin, MD,  Richard L. Skolasky, ScD, and Khaled Kebaish, MD.

The winner of the Russell A. Hibbs Award for the Best Clinical Science Presentation was awarded to Paper # 80, A Genome Wide Association Study Identifies IL17RC as an Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Locus, by John P. Dormans, MD, Struan F. Grant, PhD, Norma Rendon Sampson, MS, Rosetta Chiavacci, BSN, Hakon Hakonarson.

John H. Moe Award

The John H. Moe Award is given to the best Basic Science Poster or E-Poster at the SRS Annual Meeting & Course. This year the award was presented to Poster 206 titled Would CoCr Rods Provide Better Correctional Forces than Stainless Steel or Titanium for Rigid Scoliosis Curves? by Devdatt Mhatre,  Peter O. Newton, MD,  Paul A. Giorgio, Peter Sturm, MD, and Hassan Serhan PhD.    

Louis A. Goldstein Award

The Goldstein Award is given to the best Clinical Poster or E-Poster at the SRS Annual Meeting & Course.The winner of the Louis A. Goldstein Award was Poster 316, The Incidence of Lumbar Adjacent Segment Disease: A Comparison of Single-Level Lumbar Fusion Procedures, by Brian Neuman, MD, David T. Anderson, MD, Kristen E. Radcliff, MD, Todd J. Albert, MD, Alexander R. Vaccaro, MD, PhD, D. Greg Anderson, MD, and Alan Hilibrand, MD.  

Walter P. Blount Humanitarian Award

The Blount Humanitarian Award is given to an individual who has provided outstanding service to those with spinal deformities, through their generous actions and contributions, with a passion to serve to larger social and professional goals. This year the Walter P. Blount Humanitarian Award was given to James Ogilvie, MD.

Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Lifetime Achievement Awards are presented to senior members of the Scoliosis Research Society with a distinguished history of dedicated service and commitment to the SRS and the field of spinal deformity research and care. This year, the Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented to Dennis S. Drummond, MD and Ronald L. DeWald, MD. The 2011 Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented on Saturday, September 17th.

Ronald L. DeWald, MD

Ronald L. DeWald, MD is a founding member and past president of the SRS (1988). While president he started the first instructional course in conjunction with the Annual Meeting. Dr. DeWald served on many committees and was the editor in chief of the textbook Spinal Deformities the Comprehensive Text, an SRS textbook which is the precursor to the current e-text. He also was a senior traveling fellow in 1997 and among the first group to go to the Orient. In addition to his work with SRS, Dr. DeWald has been an orthopedic surgical board examiner for 15 years. During his career, he has served as president of his medical staff at the Chicago Orthopedic Society and the Illinois Orthopedic Society. Dr. DeWald started the first year long spinal deformity fellowship, accredited by ACGME. While he was director over 60 fellows matriculated through the program which included adult and pediatric experience. Dr. DeWald is also Emeritus Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Rush University in Chicago, Il. At the University, there is a Ronald L. DeWald endowed Chair in Spinal Deformities that was established in 1996 being the 76th chair endowed at Rush. This is the only endowed Chair in Spinal Deformities in the United States. Dr. Gunner Anderson is the chairperson at this time. Dr. DeWald says the only regret in his career was that he was unable to convince his peers that sub-specialty certification in spinal deformity surgery would be a worthwhile goal.

Denis S. Drummond, MD

Denis S. Drummond, MD, FRS(C) is a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon. He is the past director of orthopaedic surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Emeritus Professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. His special interests include the pediatric spine and he has extensive experience in the correction of spine deformity and the surgical management of congenital and traumatic pathologies of the pediatric cervical spine. He was an active member of the Scoliosis Research Society, including eight consecutive years serving as a director, Secretary and President. He has also been active in the Pediatric Orthopaedic Societies, as president of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Study Group, one of the two founding groups of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA). At that time, he also served as Chair of the committee that worked through the merger process between the two founding groups. Dr. Drummond has a long interest in research, publishing more than 178 original research studies to refereed journals and numerous contributions to textbooks including 42 chapters and editorial contributions. In addition, he has presented or coauthored 91 presentations to both national and international societies, and 94 lectures at courses throughout the world. He has presented his work as a visiting professor or invited lecturer 51 times and has received 21 grants to fund his research. He still serves on the editorial board for three national or international journals. For the last five years he has acted as Director of Clinical Research for the division of Orthopaedic Surgery at his hospital. Dr. Drummond has also shown an interest in new technology for spinal surgery and is a co-holder of five patents. Finally, throughout his career he has received several awards for teaching and other academic work.

Congratulations again to all of our award winners!

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