Scoliosis Research Society (SRS)
Scoliosis Research Society (SRS)
An International Organization Dedicated to the Education, Research and Treatment of Spinal Deformity
Our Mission is to Foster Optimal Care for All Patients with Spinal Deformities

2013 Award and Scholarship Recipients!

Congratulations to the following award and scholarship recipients:

Global Outreach Visiting Fellowships
Fady Michael Ibrahim, MD
Tie Liu, MD
Kawu Ahidjo Abdulhadin, FWACS(Ortho)
Tomas Rolando Minueza Mejia, MD

Global Outreach Educational Scholarships
Hrutvij Rajendra Bhatt, MD
Andrei Joaquim, MD
Naveen S. Tahasildar, MD
Gaurav Raj Dhakal, MD
Ahmad Allam, MD
Ndubuisi Ebere Duru, MD

Robert B. Winter Global Outreach Fellowship
Krishna Kumar Ramachandran Nair, MD

Edgar G. Dawson Visiting Fellowship
Han Jo Kim, MD

Eduardo R. Luque Award
Javier Pizones, MD, PhD

SRS Lifetime Achievement Awards
George H. Thompson, MD
Ian A.F. Stokes, PhD

Walter P. Blount Humanitarian Award
Bettye A. Wright, PA, RN

OrthoPediatric North American Resident/Fellow Meeting Scholarships
Elias Dakwar- Shriners of Philadelphia
Andrew Pugely- University of Iowa
Robert Murphy- University of Tennessee
Michael Merrick- Grand Rapids Medication Education Partners- Michigan
Brian Kaufman- George Washington University
Courtney Odonnell- University of Washington- Seattle
Avrum Joffe- Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego
Brett Lafleur- Wright State University, Ohio

OrthoPediatric International Pediatric Traveling Fellowship
Mohsen Karami- Iran
Miklos Tunyogi-Csapo- Hungary

For more information about the awards and scholarships visit the Awards section of the website.
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