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Poznan, Poland
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For more information please contact Kris Siemionow or visit the GSO web site!
Global Spine Outreach
Poznan is a beautiful medieval city located in western Poland, approximately 200 miles west of Warsaw. With a population of 550 thousand, the city is the countries 5th largest, and is the main trade and cultural hub in western Poland. Our hospital, which was built in 1871, functions as an specialty hospital with a focus on musculoskeletal disorders. The SRS Global Outreach Trip to Poznan began in July of 2013 and pioneered by Drs. Larry Lenke, Anthony Rinella, and Kris Siemionow. The team returns every January and July.

The Poland trip is sponsored by Global Spine Outreach in the United States, and the Poznan University of Medical Sciences. Local surgeon Professor Tomasz Kotwicki and his team participate in every trip. Their dedication makes this program possible.


During our 1-week trip, the team evaluates 30 patients with complex spinal deformities, and performs up to 10 procedures. The team stays in a hotel near the hospital. No vaccinations or visas are necessary.

For more information contact Kris Siemionow or visit and