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48th Annual Meeting & Course App User Instructions


  1. Anytime Access
  2. How to Use a QR Code/ Download the App
    1. For Blackberry
    2. For iPhone
  3. Adding an Icon to the iPhone Home Screen
  4. Creating an Account
  5. Editing Speaker Profiles
  6. Automatic Response System (ARS)

1. Anytime Access

Access the Annual Meeting & Course App Anytime:

2. How to Use a QR Code/ Download the App

Smartphone cameras are able to scan QR Codes (or Quick Response Codes) to instantly link users to a specific image or website. To use a QR Code, smartphones require an app that allows the phone’s camera to scan. To access the Annual Meeting app homepage directly using the QR code, follow these directions specific to each smartphone below.

  1. For Blackberry:
    • Download the QR Code Scanner Pro from the Blackberry App Store OR there is a QR Code Scanner built into the Blackberry Messenger.
      • Using Blackberry Messenger: Click into Blackberry Messenger and scroll down to find the scan a group barcode option. The app will provide a short tutorial on scanning QR codes.
      • Using QR Code Scanner Pro: Open the app and click the scan option. Once the QR code is centered and as large as the brackets select “click to scan”. The application will then pull up the IMAST app.
    • Once the QR code is scanned, delegates will be able to navigate the entire Annual Meeting app.
    • To permanently save the app, click on the Blackberry button and select “save page”. Click “ok” when prompted to save the app to the message list. This will save a message containing the app to the email account linked to the Blackberry. Guests can revisit the app anytime by clicking on the message that will be saved to their email on their phone.
  2. For iPhone:
    • For iPhone, download the “Scan” application from the App Store by searching the word “scan”. The app is the property of QR Code City, LLC.
    • On the iPhone, once the QR code is centered it will automatically scan and load the webpage linked to the QR code.
    • Guests can click on the arrow in the bottom right-hand corner to open the app in Safari. Guests can also navigate the app while in the Scan application.
  3. For Android:
    • Download QR Droid from the Droid App Store.
    • Using the app, once the QR code is centered it will automatically scan and load the webpage linked to the QR code.

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3. Adding an Icon to your iPhone’s Home Screen

To add a permanent icon to the home screen on the iPhone:

  1. Open the app in the scanner using the QR Code.
  2. The bottom of the iPhone’s screen will look like this:

  1. Click on the arrow and choose the “Add to Home Screen”
  2. The icon on the home screen will look like this:

4. Creating an Account

Delegates can create an account within the Annual Meeting app to add their attendee profiles and to create their own personalized schedules.

  1. To create an account, open the app on a smartphone or on the web at:
  2. Click on the “Agenda” tab and then click on the star in the top right corner to create a login:
    • Creating a login will allow delegates to select any item on the agenda to create a personalized schedule.
    • On future visits to the app, delegates can click the star in the top right corner and login to see their personal schedules at anytime.
  3. Logins can also be used to add/edit delegate’s attendee profile.
  4. Delegates who add themselves to the attendee list will allow others to view any information they add to their profiles. Delegates should feel free to add as much or as little information as they would like.

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5. Editing Speaker Profiles

Faculty, presenters and speakers at the Annual Meeting may add and edit their speaker profiles. To receive a link to edit individual profiles, email Cydni Schaeffler at

  1. The link will allow speakers to edit/add information to the following fields: name, email (will not be displayed), picture, company name, title, about, and personal websites, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn account pages.
  2. Speaker’s names, titles, and presentation schedules, including presentation names, dates, and times, have already been created by SRS.

6. Pre-Meeting Course and Hibbs Award Live Session Polls- Automatic Response System

Audience polls will be conducted using the SRS Annual Meeting app allowing for live participation during the Pre-Meeting Course and to vote for the Hibbs Award on Friday, September 20. The session polls will allow delegates to respond instantly to questions about session content and then to see audience-wide responses within minutes. To participate in the audience polls:

  1. Go to the SRS Annual Meeting app at:
  2. On the Homepage click on the tab "Polls & Feedback"
  3. Under "Polls & Feedback" will be a list of participating Pre-Meeting Course sessions. At the time of the session, delegates can click the session they wish to participate in and submit their answers to each question as directed by the speaker.
  4. Delegates can also take notes on the session by simply clicking "Take Notes on the Session."
  5. **Note: Session polls will be hidden until the time of each session.
Past Meetings

John R. Dimar, II, MD, Chair
Mark B. Dekutoski, MD, Past Chair
Lori A. Karol, MD, Chair Elect

Terry D. Amaral, MD
Christopher P. Ames, MD
Sigurd H. Berven, MD
Michael S. Chang, MD
Robert H. Cho, MD
John C. France, MD
Daniel W. Green, MS, MD, FACS
Brian Hsu, MD
Andrew H. Jea, MD
Elias C. Papadopoulos, MD
S. Rajasekaran, MD, FRCS, MCh, PhD
Scott S. Russo, MD
Frank J. Schwab, MD
Suken A. Shah, MD
Kit M. Song, MD, MHA
Paul D. Sponseller, MD
Mark Weidenbaum, MD
Adam L. Wollowick, MD
Lukas P. Zebala, MD

Suken A. Shah, MD, Chair
Daniel J. Sucato, MD, MS, Past Chair
James O Sanders, MD, Chair Elect

Jahingir K. Asghar, MD
Theodore J. Choma, MD
Daniel W. Green, MS, MD, FACS
Stanley S. Lee, MD
Ronald A. Lehman Jr., MD
Timothy S. Oswald, MD
Frank J. Schwab, MD
John G. Thometz, MD

48th Annual Meeting & Course
September 18-21, 2013
Lyon, France

For more information and/or questions, please contact:

Scoliosis Research Society
555 E. Wells Street, Suite 1100
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: 414-289-9107