Scoliosis Research Society (SRS)
Scoliosis Research Society (SRS)
An International Organization Dedicated to the Education, Research and Treatment of Spinal Deformity
Our Mission is to Foster Optimal Care for All Patients with Spinal Deformities

Research Topics

The Research Grant Committee feels the following topics are important areas for research. This list is not all-inclusive and should not deter other areas of spinal pathology research.

  1. Evidence Based Medicine
  2. Idiopathic scoliosis
  3. Etiology
  4. Non-op and operative treatment
  5. 3D deformity of the spine and thorax
  6. Adult deformity
  7. Treatment and outcomes
  8. Osteoporosis
    1. Osteoporotic spine fractures
    2. how it impacts scoliosis kyphosis management
    3. how it relates to spinal deformity and instrumentation
  9. Early onset scoliosis treatment
  10. Sagittal imbalance
  11. Congenital scoliosis
  12. Neuromuscular spinal deformity
  13. Deformity and reconstruction arising from spine and sacral tumor treatment
  14. Thoracic insufficiency children associated with spinal deformity
  15. Pulmonary outcome sequeallae following common natural history of spine deformity and treatment history.
  16. Risk Stratification