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NEWS RELEASE | Scoliosis Research Society Announces the Winners of the Russell A. Hibbs, John H. Moe & Louis A. Goldstein Awards

September 21, 2019

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Scoliosis Research Society Announces the Winners of the Russell A. Hibbs, John H. Moe & Louis A. Goldstein Awards

Milwaukee, WI (September 21, 2019) – During the 54th Annual Meeting held in Montreal, Canada, September 18-21, the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) announced the winners of the Russell A. Hibbs, John H. Moe & Louis A. Goldstein Awards. Named after pioneers in scoliosis surgery, the awards are given to the best basic research and best clinical research papers.

Nominees for the awards are selected by the Program Committee from the submitted 2019 abstracts for the IMAST and the SRS Annual Meeting. The nominees are invited to submit their paper’s manuscript which is reviewed by the Program Committee. During the meeting, attendees vote for their favorite presentation via the SRS Annual Meeting app and the popular votes and manuscript scores are taken into consideration by the Program Committee, who select the final winners. This year’s winners are:

Russell A. Hibbs Best Basic Research Paper Award:

A Multi-ethnic Meta-analysis Defined the Association of rs12946942 with Progression of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Kazuki Takeda, MD, PhD; Nao Otomo, MD; Anna Grauers, MD, PhD; Yan-Hui Fan; Yoji Ogura, MD; Youhei Takahashi, MD; Elisabet Einarsdottir; Juha Kere; Morio Matsumoto, MD, PhD; Yong Qiu, MD; You-Qiang Song, PhD; Paul Gerdhem, MD, PhD; Shiro Ikegawa, MD, PhD; Kota Watanabe, MD, PhD

Russell A. Hibbs Best Clinical Research Paper Award:

Using Humerus Ossification and Cobb Angle to Predict Progression to Surgery in Scoliosis Patients
Don Li, MS; Jonathan Cui, MD, BS; Stephen G. DeVries, BS; Joseph Kahan, MD; Logan Petit, MD; Ronan Talty; Daniel R. Cooperman, MD; Brian G. Smith, MD

John H. Moe Best Basic Research Poster Award:

Dynamic Spine Posture in Adolescents Idiopathic Scoliosis Patients
Sebastien Pesenti, MD, PhD; Solène Prost, MD; Guillaume Authier; Elke Viehweger, MD, PhD; Benjamin Blondel, MD, PhD; Jean-Luc Jouve, MD

Louis A. Goldstein Best Clinical Research Poster Award:

Preoperative Halo Skeletal Traction for Severe Scoliosis
Chang Ju Hwang, MD, PhD; Dong-Gyun Kim, MD; Dong-Ho Lee, MD, PhD; Choon Sung Lee, MD, PhD; Jae Woo Park, MD; Jae Hwan Cho, MD, PhD

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