SRS 55th Annual Meeting

SRS 55th Annual Meeting


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The Education Committee accepts applications for Annual Meeting Education Sessions and Webinars. This included Half-Day Courses, Lunchtime Symposia and Webinars.

  • Half-Day Courses contain 2.5 hours of content, while Lunchtime Symposia contain 1 hour. Both will be presented at the 55th Annual Meeting in Phoenix Arizona.
  • Webinars contain 60 to 90 minutes of content and are presented throughout the year via the SRS Website.

Who can submit an application?

Only SRS Members can submit an application.

What is required in the application?

Applicants are asked to submit a list of presenters, an agenda, and quiz questions for potential use for audience response. Applicants are also asked to answer questions regarding educational needs and patient care problems.

Are presenters required to be members?

SRS prefers the use of member presenters, though it is sometimes appropriate to use a non-member if no SRS member has the appropriate expertise.

Are disclosures required before submission?