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Dedicated to the optimal care of patients with spinal deformity

Annual Meeting Session Applications

Submitted By Topic
Abelin-Genevois, K Modalities of pre operative management of ASD : Ethic or Ethnic issue
Abelin-Genevois, K Impact of Spine Deformity on the Cervical Spine
Abelin-Genevois, K Impact of Adult Spine Deformity Surgery on Health Related QOL : what shall the patient expect or accept ?
Abelin-Genevois, K Innovative techniques for preoperative planning : from simulation to the 3D printer
Crawford, C Evolution of Pre-op, Intra-op and Post-op Protocols
Crawford, C Global Spine Care – Past, Present, and the Future
Gross, R Assessment and Management of Sagittal Deformity
Letaif, O Getting your deformity paper published
Panchal, R Adult Spinal Deformity – For the Early Career Deformity Surgeons
Panchal, R New Age Deformity Surgery
Pellisé, F SRS GOP Mission Trips. How to be Effective and Safe at a Reduced Cost
Sacramento, C Influence of the position of the head in development or progression of PJK or PJF in elderly
Sacramento, C The Usefullness  of Percutaneous Cemented Pedicle screws decreases the potential risk of PJK/PJF in primary spine surgery in elderly patients or improve the surgical management of PJF decreasing the potential risk of recurrent PJF? And reduces the psychologically  impact of a new intervention?
Samdani, A
Intraspinal Anomalies and Spine Deformity:  Essentials and Current Concepts
Sethi, R Value and Safety in the care of the spinal deformity patient: Current vs. Future State
Wang, Y Spine Osteotomy
Yazici, M Growth-friendly techniques for EOS: Is a poor quality of life the cost for a straighter spine
Mummaneni, P MIS Spinal Surgery – An Updated Global Perspective
Mudiyam, R Shared Decision Making in Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery
Berven, S Appropriate Use Criteria in Spinal Deformity Surgery
Berven, S Complications in Spinal Deformity Surgery
Panchal, R Spinal Deformity – Preventing and Managing Complications
Thompson, G Historical Overview of Spinal Deformity Management in Ancient Times
Mehta, J Are we over irradiating our patients?

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