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Current Concepts in Spine Deformity

Wednesday, May 8

11:30-18:00                 Registration open
13:00-19:30                 Exhibits Open

12:45-13:00                 Introduction of SRS

13:00-15:00                Session 1: Foundation Knowledge

13:00-13:15                 Growth of Spine - René Castelein, MD, PhD
13:15-13:35                 Assessment of Maturation - Kenneth MC Cheung, MD
13:35-13:45                 Discussion
13:45-14:00                 Bone Healing, Fusion Biology and Prerequisites on how to Achieve a Solid Fusion
                                     - Steven M. Mardjetko, MD, FAAP
14:00-14:20                 Alignment of the Spine - Pierre Roussouly, MD
14:20-14:30                 Discussion
14:30-15:00                 Case Discussion: Alignment of the Spine - Munish Gupta, MD

15:00-15:30                 Break

15:30-17:30                 Session 2: Early Onset Deformity

15:30-15:45                 Definition and Classification of EOD - Muharrem Yazici, MD
15:45-16:00                 Casting - Indications and Technique - Francisco Javier Sanchez Perez-Grueso, MD
16:00-16:15                 Overview of Growth Friendly Surgical Techniques - Yong Hai, MD
16:15-16:25                 Discussion
16:25-17:00                 Case Discussion: Decision Making Conservative vs Surgery - Steven M. Mardjetko, MD, FAAP
17:00-17:30                 Case Discussion: Congenital Scoliosis - Azmi Hamzaoglu, MD

17:35-18:35                  Industry Workshop

18:35-19:30                 Welcome Reception + Food and Drink, in Exhibition Hall

Thursday, May 9

07:00-17:00                 Registration Open
07:30-17:00                 Exhibits Open

07:00-08:00                Case Discussions with Breakfast (2 Concurrent Sessions – Pediatric & Adult)

07:00-08:00                 Pediatric
                                    Ibrahim Obeid, MD (Moderator); David Clements, III, MD; Alpaslan Senkoylu, MD; Michael Ruf, MD

07:00-08:00                 Adult
                                    Fracisco Javier Sanchez Perez-Grueso, MD (Moderator); Christopher I. Shaffrey, MD;
                                    Caglar Yilgor, MD; Hossein Mehdian, MD, FRCS(Ed)

08:05-10:05                 Session 3: AIS

08:05-08:20                 Etiology and Natural History of AIS - René Castelein, MD, PhD
08:20-08:50                 Case Discussion: Classification - Kariman Abelin Genevois, MD, PhD
08:50-09:00                 Brace Treatment From Start to Wean Off – Natural History - Caglar Yilgor, MD
09:00-09:15                 Surgical Indication, Preop Planning in AIS and Determining Fusion Levels - Muharrem Yazici, MD
09:15-09:25                 Discussion
09:25-10:05                 Case Discussion: Preop Planning, Shoulder Imbalance, Sagittal Alignment and PJK
                                     - Ibrahim Obeid, MD

10:05-10:25                  Break

10:25-12:05                  Session 4: AIS

10:25-10:40                 Prevention and Management of Complications in AIS Surgery (Blood management, Neuromonitoring &
                                     Prophylaxis) - Meric Enercan, MD
10:40-10:55                 Adding on in AIS: Long Term Results and Consequences - Hossein Mehdian, MD, FRCS(Ed)
10:55-11:10                 HRQoL: How to Implement in Daily Practice - Haluk Berk, MD
11:10-11:20                 Discussion
11:20-12:05                 Case Based Discussion: Managementof Complications in AIS - Best Practices - Caglar Yilgor, MD

12:05-13:15                  Lunch Break

12:15-13:15                  Industry Workshop

13:20-15:15                 Session 5: Neuromuscular and Cervical Deformity

13:20-13:45                 Decision Making and Preoperative Planning in CP Cases - Kariman Abelin Genevois, MD, PhD
13:45-13:50                 Prevention and Management of Complications After Surgery in Neuromuscular Deformity
                                      - Francisco Javier Sanchez Perez-Grueso, MD
13:50-14:00                 Discussion
14:00-14:30                 Case Discussion: Preoperative Planning in CP - Kariman Abelin Genevois, MD, PhD
14:30-14:45                 Principles and Treatment of Cervical Deformity and Cervical Alignment - Christopher I.  Shaffrey, MD
14:45-15:15                 Case Discussion: Cervical Deformity and Cervical Alignment - Hossein Mehdian, MD, FRCS(Ed)

15:15-15:35                  Break

15:35-17:30                 Session 6: Adult and Degenerative Spinal Deformity

15:35-15:50                 Natural History and Etiology of Degenerative Deformity - Pierre Roussouly, MD
15:50-16:05                 Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions in Degenerative Deformity - Christopher I.  Shaffrey, MD
16:05-16:15                 Discussion
16:15-16:30                 Revision Surgery for ASD: Pre-Operative Planning and Surgical Techniques - Munish Gupta, MD
16:30-16:45                 Osteotomy Types and their Indications in ASD - Azmi Hamzaoglu, MD
16:45-17:00                 How to Maximize Efficiency/Reduce Complication Rates - Ahmet Alanay, MD
17:00-17:30                 Case Discussion: ASD - Ibrahim Obeid, MD

Friday, May 10

07:00-12:00                 Registration Open
07:30-10:20                 Exhibits Open

07:00-08:00               Case Discussions with Breakfast (2 Concurrent Sessions – Pediatric & Adult)

07:00-08:00                 Pediatric
                                    Muharrem Yazici, MD (Moderator); René Castelein, MD, PhD; Meric Enercan, MD; Yong Hai, MD

07:00-08:00                 Adult
                                    Ahmet Alanay, MD (Moderator); Kenneth MC Cheung, MD; Pierre Roussouly, MD; Munish Gupta, MD

08:05-10:20                 Session 7: Kyphosis and Spondylolisthesis

08:05-08:20                 Scheuermann’s Kyphosis: Surgical Indications and Principles of Surgical Treatment
                                      - John R. Dimar, II, MD
08:20-08:35                 Determination of Fusion Levels in Scheuermann’s Kyphosis How to Prevent Junctional Failures
                                      - Ahmet Alanay, MD
08:35-08:45                 Discussion
08:45-09:00                 Case Discussion: Scheuermann’s Kyphosis - David H. Clements, III, MD
09:00-09:10                 Spondylolysis - Management in Athletes - Haluk Berk, MD
09:05-09:30                 Classification of Spondylolisthesis and Practical Usage for Decision Making - Michael Ruf, MD
09:30-09:40                 Discussion
09:40-10:20                 Case Discussion: HG Dysplastic Spondylolisthesis - John R. Dimar, II, MD

10:20-10:40                 Break

10:40-11:50                 Session 8: Acquired Deformity

10:40-10:50                 Post-Tuberculous (TB) Kyphosis - Prevention - Kenneth MC Cheung, MD
10:50-11:05                 Case Discussion: Post-TB Kyphosis - Management - Yong Hai, MD
11:05-11:15                 Post Traumatic Kyphosis - Alpaslan Senkoylu, MD
11:15-11:40                 Case Discussion: Deformity with Neoplasm - John R. Dimar, II, MD
11:40-11:50                 Final Remarks and Feedback - Alpaslan Senkoylu, MD

11:50                             Boxed Lunches Available for Those Attending the Hands-On Course

12:05                             Transfer to CASE for Those Attending the Hands-On Course