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March 2011
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FOSA Review

By Allen Carl, MD
FOSA President 2010-2011

The Federation of Spine Associations (FOSA) met at the AAOS Annual Meeting on Saturday, February 19, 2011. FOSA is a specialty day meeting of the major orthopedic spine societies including SRS, NASS, CSRS, and ASIA. Each brings a unique component to make this conference a fulfilling educational experience.

This year marked the 24th time FOSA has met at the Academy. It was the vision of forward-thinkers who helped to showcase spine issues to the members of AAOS. The original officers at the first meeting were Dr. David Bradford, President; Dr. John Kostuik, Vice President; and Dr. David Selby, Secretary/Treasurer. Each of the 4 societies now select 2 members to be on the Executive committee and as Program chair. The President rotates every year between societies and has the responsibility of selecting the program topic.

This year, the meeting’s topic was "Complications," selected based on audience feedback from the prior year’s course evaluation. Dr. Joseph Perra put together an excellent two-hour program from the SRS that included a review of peri-operative complications including the topics of neurologic injury, blood loss, vision loss, as well as a review of 16 reports mined and collated from the SRS M&M database. A final topic of risk assessment and avoidance rounded out the presentations. Illustrative cases were presented at the lunch time program. SRS faculty included Drs. Perra, Dekutoski, Blakemore, Stevens, Transfeldt, and Berven.

The other three societies followed with two-hour presentations also focusing on complications.

For those of you attending the AAOS Annual Meeting in future years, consider FOSA for the Saturday Specialty Day meetings. This will not only support the SRS, but you will hear interesting presentations from the other three societies which make up FOSA on topics that are germane and topical to your spinal practices.

Drs. Munish Gupta and Timothy Kuklo have served as the SRS representatives and officers to FOSA this past year.