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March 2011
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Bylaws Committee Report

By James Roach, MD
Bylaws Committee Chair

The members of the Bylaws Committee (James Roach, MD; Robert Huler, MD; Patrick Cahill, MD; Mike Albert, MD; Jose Herrera-Soto, MD and Jeffrey Coe, MD) have begun reviewing and reorganizing the SRS Policy and Procedure Manual that has not been updated in several years.

We started the review with the Governance Council and will work our way through the committees that fall under this council. Each Governance Council committee has been assigned to a member of the Bylaws Committee. The Committee member will first review the annual charges and the current Policy and Procedures relative to the committee under review. The Bylaws Committee member will then contact the chair of the committee under review and will seek answers to the following questions:

  • What are the tasks of the committee?
  • How does the committee accomplish these tasks?
  • Who is responsible for completion of the tasks?
  • What is the timeline for accomplishing the tasks?

Answers to these questions will be used to develop the policies for each committee. Evaluation of the other Councils and their committees will proceed in a similar fashion. The final document will have hyperlinks to allow members to easily move to the committee or issue of interest. At this point, the Bylaws Committee is focused solely on the Policy and Procedure review as there are no pending issues regarding the SRS Bylaws.