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March 2011
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Fellowship Committee Report

By Serena Hu, MD
Fellowship Committee Chair

The 2010-2011 Fellowship Committee consists of Serena S. Hu, MD (Chair); Carlos Tello, MD; Laurel Blakemore, MD; Hilalli Nordeen, MD; and Mark Weidenbaum, MD (Past Chair).

For the 2010 fall and spring membership application review cycle we have accepted 31 Active fellows advancing from Candidate fellowship, 8 Active fellows accepted through the fast track program, 35 Candidate fellows, 15 Emeritus fellows, and 1 Associate fellow.

We are pleased to announce our new 2011 Fellows:

Active Fellows
Afshin Aminian, MD
Philip S. Anson, MD
Nitin Bhatia, MD
Michael D. Daubs, MD
Joseph P. Davey, MD
Vedat Deviren, MD
Daryl C. Dykes, MD
Michael Flippin, MD
Peter G. Gabos, MD
Matthew F. Halsey, MD
Darrell Hanson, MD
Kazuhiro Hasegawa, MD, PhD
Brian P. Hasley, MD
Lloyd A. Hey, MD, MS
Robert Po-Chen Huang, MD
Leonel Hunt, MD
Masatoshi Inoue, MD
J. Patrick Johnson, MD
Ajeya P. Joshi, MD
Khaled Kebaish, MD
Joseph G. Khoury, MD
Scott J. Luhmann, MD
Ruben A. Maenza, MD
Amir A. Mehbod, MD
Hani Mhaidli, MD
Pier Paolo Mura, MD
William Ray Puffinbarger, MD
Fernando Emilio Silva, MD
Hiroshi Taneichi, MD
J. Channing Tassone, MD
Koki Uno, MD, PhD
Fast Track to Active
Darrel S. Brodke, MD
Cody Bunger, MD, DMSc
Rene Castelein, MD, PhD
Ziya L. Gokaslan, MD
Lotfi Miladi, MD
Luiz H. Pimenta, MD, PhD
Jean-Marc Vital, MD
Hai Yong, MD
Candidate Fellows
Tsutomu Akazawa, MD, PhD
Raed M. Ali, MD
Abdul Rakib Saleh Al-Mirah, MD
Abdulmonem Mohammed Alsiddiky, MD SSCO
Mirza Biscevic, MD, PhD
Shane Burch, MD, FRCS(C)
Jesus Burgos Flores, MD, PhD
Samuel K.W. Cho, MD
Paul D. Choi, MD
Benny Dahl, MD,PhD, DMSci
Antony JF Field, FRACS, MB ChB
Martin Gehrchen, MD, PhD
Ahmad Rami Hamed, MD, FRCS, MSc(orth)
Maged Ramsis Hanna, MD, MRCS
Carol C. Hasler, MD
Ilkka J. Helenius, MD, PhD
Shuriz Hishmeh, MD
Judson W. Karlen, MD
Ketan S. Khurjekar, MS, DNB, MCh
Toshiaki Kotani, MD, PhD
Robert K. Lark, MD, MS
Sergio A. Mendoza-Lattes, MD
Robert A. Morgan, MD
Joshua M. Pahys, MD
Afshin Eli Razi, MD
Martin Repko, MD, PhD
Wudbhav N. Sankar, MD
Hassan A. Serhan, PhD
Ahmed M. Shawky, MD
Wade M. Shrader, MD
Khalid M. Swailem, MD
Shunji Tsutsui, MD, PhD
Gregory R. White, MD
Mitsuru Yagi, MD, PhD
Lukas P. Zebala, MD
Associate Fellows:
Angela M. Strader, RN  
Emeritus Fellows:
William P. Bunnell, MD
J. Martin Carlson
Robert J. Caudle, MD
Daniel Chopin, MD
John M. Flynn, MD (San Juan, PR)
John M. Gray, MD
Dieter Grob, MD
Richard Gross, MD
Dale V. Hoekstra, MD
Daniel L. Morrison, DO
Stephen L. Ondra, MD
Peter Pizzutillo, MD
Benoit P. Poitras, MD
Ian A. F. Stokes, PhD
Paul M. Tsou, MD

The SRS will present a membership information session at the 2011 IMAST and Annual Meeting & Course. This meeting is designed to clarify questions about the process of becoming an SRS Candidate member and the process to advance from Candidate to Active membership. The Fast Track program, which will only be open until June of 2014, will be reviewed as well as other topics. Please encourage your potentially interested colleagues to attend.

Candidate Fellows:
As a society committed to improving the care and treatment of spine deformity patients, it is important that all members and our society, continually evaluate, learn and improve in our care of these patients. This requires a critical self-review of oneís cases on regular basis. Towards this, all Candidate members seeking to advance to Active status are required to submit an 11-month case list of all patients treated, which includes data on non-operative cases. As of September 2009 Active applicants must include non-operative patients/cases in their case list and failure to do so will prevent a Candidate Fellow from becoming an Active Fellow. Please note that the annual online M&M report is different and separate from the 11 month case list. The case list includes reporting of complications and outcomes.

Morbidity and Mortality Reminder:
2010 online M&M reports are due on April 1, 2011. The site is also open for entering 2011 reports. This is an annual requirement for both Candidate and Active fellows (surgeons). Active fellows (surgeons) who do not complete M&M reports will be expected to contribute $300 to the Research Fund for continued M&M related research. The SRS considers the M&M reporting a valuable part of our membership and encourages submissions all members.

As of September 2008, you will not be allowed to register for SRS meetings if your dues are not paid. Dues are scheduled on a calendar year and should be paid before December 31 of each year. You can now pay your dues online or print an invoice online under the Memberís Only section of the SRS website. If dues are not paid by the Annual Meeting, a 20% late fee will be charged.