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March 2011
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Research Grant Committee Report

By Dilip K. Sengupta, MD
Reseach Grant Committee Chair

Research and Education is the principle lifeline of our society.

The Research Grant Committee received a record number of grant applications in the fall cycle (October 1, 2010). Thirty-nine grant applications were received from ten countries, which included 15 Small Exploratory, eight New Investigator, nine Standard Investigator and seven Evidence Based Medicine grants applications. Most grant applications proposed high quality research.

We expanded the committee by the addition of four new members, raising the total number to 19 members. The committee appreciates the help from Courtney Kissinger, SRS staff liaison, for her untiring work to complete the arduous review process smoothly and on time. The committee reviewed all the applications in detail, and after two days of extensive discussion over conference calls we selected six research grants for funding (one Standard Investigator, two New Investigator, three Small Exploratory). In total, $179,987.00 of research funds were released in this grant cycle.

The successful recipients of the research grant in the current cycle are:

  • Rachel Wevrick, PhD
    Etiology of Scoliosis in a Mouse Model of Prader-Willi Syndrome
    $100,000-2 Years
  • Diana Glaser, PhD
    Real-Time Analysis of the Biomechanics and the Effectiveness of Fusionless Spinal Growth Modulation Devices
    $25,000-2 Years
  • Ahmad Nassr, PhD
    Vertebral Fracture Prediction Finite Element Model of the Human Osteoporotic Spine Using Novel Computational and Experimental Validation Approaches
    $25,000-2 Years
  • Frank Acosta, MD
    Improving Bone Formation in Osteoporosis through Mechanical Signaling Pathways
    $10,000-1 Year
  • Shunmoogum Patten, PhD
    Genetic determinants of vestibular dysfunction in AIS
    $10,000-1 Year
  • Peter Newton, MD
    Three Dimensional Visualization of Vertebral Growth Cartilage and Disc; the Effects of Growth Modulation
    $9,987-1 year

The committee also had their first face-to-face meeting during the 2011 AAOS Annual Meeting in San Diego, and made important decisions formulating policy guiding the grant review process without bias. A subcommittee of four members was formed to generate a white paper highlighting the clinical and academic impact of the research completed by SRS research grantees in the past.

The "Outcomes" page on the "Research" section of the SRS website has been reorganized and updated to include grants from 2004-2008.

The Research Grant Committee proudly announces the electronic grant application submission and review site, beginning this spring grant cycle, April 1, 2011. We welcome you all to submit research grant applications online, and wish you good luck!