SRS Newsletter
March 2011

President's Message

SRS president

Dear SRS Members,

I hope this newsletter finds you off to a great start for 2011. The first two months of this new year have been a very busy and productive one for our society. Since our last correspondence in December, we recently completed our winter Board of Directors meeting as well as a full day retreat on the topic of “Globalization,” both held in San Diego at the AAOS Annual Meeting. We have agreed to collaborate with the AOSpine organization to perform a clinical research trial on adult spinal deformity. We also prepared and sent out a RFP to several publishers for starting our own journal of spinal deformity, and have worked collaboratively with many other surgical societies on the topic of maintaining coverage for adult and pediatric deformity procedures in this very challenging health care reimbursement environment. Finally, the full version of our E-Textbook on Spinal Deformity is available on our website and is a landmark achievement for our society. I will elaborate below on all of these important topics.

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Update on Coding For Correction of Spinal Deformity

By Jeffrey Neustadt, MD and R. Dale Blasier, MD
Chair and Chair-Elect of the Coding Committee

The Coding Committee has been asked to provide the membership with advice and examples to help understand the complexity of coding and reimbursement issues specific to spine and spinal deformity surgeons. Every effort has been made to be accurate and adhere to the ICD-9 coding conventions and guidelines as well as the CPT rules.

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Ethics Committee Report

By J. Abbott Byrd III, MD
Ethics Committee Chair

"Hey doc, I'm Joe Spinerep with the Acme Spine Company. We are a new, small, private company but have some of the best spine widgets around. I have been trying to meet with you for a long time as you are one of the best and busiest spine surgeons in town. We have a great program for doctors like you and I wanted to make sure that you got in on the ground floor. Acme Spine is able to offer a stock option program to a small group of busy surgeons and while the company is privately held now, the plan is to go public when sales increase at which time those options will be quite valuable." ETHICAL???

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FOSA Review

By Allen Carl, MD
FOSA President 2010-2011

The Federation of Spine Associations (FOSA) met at the AAOS Annual Meeting on Saturday, February 19, 2011. FOSA is a specialty day meeting of the major orthopedic spine societies including SRS, NASS, CSRS, and ASIA. Each brings a unique component to make this conference a fulfilling educational experience.

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Bylaws Committee Report

By James Roach, MD
Bylaws Committee Chair

The members of the Bylaws Committee (James Roach, MD; Robert Huler, MD; Patrick Cahill, MD; Mike Albert, MD; Jose Herrera-Soto, MD and Jeffrey Coe, MD) have begun reviewing and reorganizing the SRS Policy and Procedure Manual that has not been updated in several years.

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Fellowship Committee Report

By Serena Hu, MD
Fellowship Committee Chair

The 2010-2011 Fellowship Committee consists of Serena S. Hu, MD (Chair); Carlos Tello, MD; Laurel Blakemore, MD; Hilalli Nordeen, MD; and Mark Weidenbaum, MD (Past Chair).

For the 2010 fall and spring membership application review cycle we have accepted 31 Active fellows advancing from Candidate fellowship, 8 Active fellows accepted through the fast track program, 35 Candidate fellows, 15 Emeritus fellows, and 1 Associate fellow.

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Tribute to a Pioneer and Leader in Orthopaedic Surgery: Professor Arthur Yau

Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology,
University of Hong Kong
and SRS Global Affairs Advisory Board

Professor Arthur Charles Yau Meng-Choy, MBBS, FRCSEd, FACS, FAMS, FHKCOS, FHKAM

Professor Yau was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1929. He studied engineering for a year before taking up medicine at the University of Hong Kong, graduating in 1956. Soon thereafter, the late Professor AR Hodgson saw Professor Yau as a young talent and recruited him in 1962 as a part-time lecturer into the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Hong Kong. He progressed through the ranks of senior lecturer and reader to take up a personal Chair in 1972.

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M&M Data Due April 1st

The Morbidity and Mortality Committee has been working hard to improve the quality and usefulness of the M&M data. The anticipated effect has been an improved participation rate from the membership in M&M data collection.

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Research Grant Committee Report

By Dilip K. Sengupta, MD
Reseach Grant Committee Chair

Research and Education is the principle lifeline of our society.

The Research Grant Committee received a record number of grant applications is the fall cycle (October 1, 2010). Thirty-nine grant applications were received from ten countries, which included 15 Small Exploratory, eight New Investigator, nine Standard Investigator and seven Evidence Based Medicine grants applications. Most grant applications proposed high quality research.

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Global Outreach Committee Report

By Theodore Wagner, MD
Global Outreach Committee Chair

The GOP was established nearly ten years ago with a goal to establish international exchange and teaching of spine surgery. The goal included establishing sites where members of the SRS might join in this effort. The challenge has included the creation of a webpage, identifying the primary surgeon associated with the site, identifying a person on the ground, and establishing the availability of housing and possible financial support.

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IMAST Preliminary Program Online Now

The preliminary program for the 18th International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST) is now available on the SRS website. Take this opportunity to preview the outstanding Instructional Course Lecture program planned by IMAST Chair Todd J. Albert, MD and the IMAST Committee. Information on podium and e-poster presentations is forthcoming in April.

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Worldwide Conference Update: SpineWeek

By Marinus de Kleuver MD, PhD
SpineWeek Chair
and Ahmet Alanay, MD
Worldwide Conference Committee Chair

SpineWeek is a joint meeting of many spine societies, organized once every four years, with a very high profile and attendance. In May 2012, SpineWeek will be held for the third time, and the participating societies will be the Spine Society of Europe, ISSLS, European-CSRS, SILACO, Brasilian Spine Society, NASS and our SRS.

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Regional Update: 5th Annual Meeting of the German Spine Society Report

By Michael Ruf, MD
Global Affairs Advisory Board Member

The 5th Annual Meeting of the German Spine Society was held in Bremen December 16 -18, 2010. The German Spine Society was founded in 2006 as a union of the former German Society for Spine Surgery and the Society for Spinal Research. Since the unification, the number of members has rapidly grown. With more than 700 members presently, the German Spine Society is now the biggest spine society in Europe.

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Regional Update: An update from Egypt, a SRS member's perspective

Mohammed Mosaad, MD
Global Affairs Advisory Board Member

In Egypt, medical services are divided into four types of hospitals: governmental, university, insurance type of hospitals, and private hospitals. In government hospitals, services are completely free and all cases can be treated including spinal cases, mostly trauma cases, tumors and some deformity cases, especially AIS. In the university hospitals, such as Cairo University, Ein Shames, Alexandria, Zagazig, Assuit, and Tanta University, all cases of spinal problems are treated.

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Invitation for Applications: Editor, SRS JOURNAL

The Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) announces the search for the Editor of its new journal, Spinal Disorders, Official Journal of the Scoliosis Research Society. The SRS has created a Search Committee to invite and review applications, which will be due by April 30, 2011. An appointment will be made by July 31, 2011, and the successful candidate will embark on developing content for the new journal, in collaboration with the Society and the Publisher (still to be selected) during the 3rd Quarter of 2011. The journal will launch with its first issue at the SRS Annual Meeting, September 2012.

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Historian’s Corner

By Nathan Lebwohl MD
SRS Historian

Dr. Russell Hibbs

Most SRS members think of Dr. Kenton Leatherman when they think of Louisville, Kentucky, the host city for the upcoming 2011 Annual Meeting. Dr. Leatherman was a founding member of the SRS and led this society as President in 1975. He was an important contributor to modern surgical techniques, especially through his work on anterior spinal surgery and vertebral resection for severe rigid deformity. But few of us realize that another famous orthopaedist, whose name is known to anyone who has ever attended an SRS meeting, was a product of the outstanding medical center in Louisville.

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SRS Launches E-Textbook

The Scoliosis Research Society is proud to announce the official launch of the SRS E-Textbook! The e-textbook will not only add high quality, in-depth spine deformity information to the SRS website but it will be available to surgeons, medical professionals and residents around the world.

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Website Committee Report

By John Sarwark, MD and Michael Roh, MD
Website Committee Co-Chairs

SRS Announces New Facebook Page. SRS is joining the social media world; Patient Education Committee member Ahmad Nassr, MD has created an SRS Facebook page. Please sign up and be a fan of the SRS page!

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Governance Council Update

Hubert Labelle, MD
Governance Council Chair and Secretary

The Governance Council consists of (in alphabetical order) the Advocacy and Public Policy, Bylaws and Policies, Coding, Ethics, Fellowship, Global Affairs Advisory Board, Historical, Industry Relations, Newsletter, and Public Relations Committees. All of the committees have active charges and are engaged in activities in support of the SRS.

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Future Meetings & Courses

2011 IMAST
18th IMAST
July 13-16, 2011
Copenhagen, Denmark
2011 Annual Meeting and Course
46th Annual Meeting & Course
September 14-17 2011
Louisville, Kentucky

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2011 Corporate Partners

We are pleased to acknowledge and thank those companies that provided financial support to SRS in 2010. Support levels are based on total contributions throughout the year and include the Annual Meeting, IMAST, Worldwide Conferences, Global Outreach Scholarships, Edgar Dawson Memorial Scholarships, SRS Traveling Fellowships and the Research Endowment Fund. Their support has helped SRS to offer high quality medical meetings and courses throughout the world, fund spinal deformity research, develop new patient materials, and provide educational opportunities for young surgeons and those from developing nations.

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Strategic Plan & Vision Statement

The SRS will increase its recognition domestically and internationally as the leading source of information and knowledge on spinal disorders affecting all patients, regardless of age.

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