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June 2011
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Long Range Planning Committee Update

Richard E. McCarthy, MD
Committee Chair

The charges for the Long Range Committee include the development of a list of potential cities and venues of future SRS meetings. The Long Range Planning Committee activities have been somewhat altered in the planning by the recent conclusion that our meetings should no longer occur at resort locations. After careful discussion, this was determined by the Board to mean that our anticipated meeting in Maspalomas in the Canary Islands and our anticipated meeting in Cancun, Mexico would have to be altered in their location. Accordingly, the activities of the Long Range Planning Committee have been directed toward locating alternative meeting sites for those meetings. Thus far, the work of the Committee has consisted in visiting conference centers and hotels in three large cities in Spain as an alternative to the Canary Islands meeting in 2014. The choices for alternate sites include meeting venues in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, the three largest cities in Spain. Conference centers in each of these cities were carefully reviewed by Richard McCarthy, MD and Tressa Goulding, CAE CMP, along with the nearby hotels and pertinent sites. This information is presently being correlated and will be presented to the Board for review in July.

The alternate site for the IMAST 2013 formerly planned for Cancun will be in Canada, which will require further planning before the site is chosen. At the present time, the Annual Meeting sites have been carefully reviewed and chosen through the year 2015 and will take place in Louisville 2011, Chicago 2012, Lyon, France 2013, Anchorage 2014, and Minneapolis 2015. The IMAST Meetings will take place in Copenhagen 2011, Istanbul 2012, Canada 2013, Spain 2014, and the 2015 meeting is as yet to be determined. The Members of the Long Range Planning Committee thank the SRS for the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

Chair: Richard E. McCarthy, MD Members: Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, MD, George H. Thompson, MD, Theodore A. Wagner, MD, Todd J. Albert, MD, Lawrence G. Lenke, MD, Ahmet Alanay, MD.