SRS Newsletter
June 2011
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Nominating Committee Update

Richard E. McCarthy, MD
Committee Chair

The charges of the Nominating Committee were to assess potential candidates for SRS Board of Directors, Fellowship Committee, as well as the Vice President. At the Board’s direction, two Directors-at-Large were chosen this year along with one member of the Fellowship Committee and the Vice President. One of the stipulations of the Board was that a Director-at-Large be chosen who is 45 years or younger. One of the first duties of the Nominating Committee, therefore, was to determine what the qualifications should be for this new addition of an “under 45” member to the Board, since so few individuals in this age group have actually served as Committee Chairman. The nominations were submitted to the Committee by the Members at Large, along with letters of recommendation for those individuals. This information was reviewed and carefully assessed by the Members of the Nominating Committee and discussed extensively on conference calls. A slate was then produced for presentation to the Board and will be ready for the July Board of Directors Meeting which will take place in Copenhagen at IMAST. Each of the nominees that are being recommended to the Board have been carefully reviewed and have agreed to serve, if chosen by the Board. The Nominating Committee is very proud of the slate of nominees that it has chosen and we feel very confident that this group of individuals will carry the organization forward into the future. We thank the SRS for allowing us the privilege of being able to serve in the capacity and look forward to presenting these individuals at the July meeting.

Chair: Richard E. McCarthy, MD, Members: Kenneth M.C. Cheung, PhD, John P. Dormans, MD, David W. Polly, MD, Daniel J. Sucato, MD