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June 2011
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SRS Patient Education Committee Report

Jay Shapiro, MD
Patient Education Committee Chair

The SRS Patient Education Committee has been involved with several initiatives in the last several years. Thanks to the leadership of Ram Mudiyam, MD, an extensive FAQ has been completed and is up on the YOC (Your Orthopedics Connection) site of the AAOS and will be part of the newly redesigned website. As part of the new website, the committee has been involved with the renovation of the Patient and Families Section to make it more user-friendly. Great thanks go to Anthony Rinella, MD and Michael Roh, MD for spearheading this process (editing for 8th grade level as well as adding animation, etc).

The SRS is now on Facebook thanks to Ahmad Nassr, MD of the Patient Education Committee. Please sign up and “Like” our page. On Facebook, search for Scoliosis and you’ll find our page. The wall is populated with pictures, information, and announcements from the SRS.

Thanks to the committee member Toni Cawley, RN we are in the process of developing a list of questions for patients to ask their scoliosis physician at their first visit and at other key times during treatment. Many patients voice concerns about not knowing what to ask their doctor.

Thanks to all committee members for their help and support.

Chair: Jay Shapiro, MD Members: Ram Mudiyam, MD, Toni Cawley, RN, Walter F. Krengel, MD, Craig Eberson, MD, Ahmad Nassr, MD, Glen M. Ginsberg, MD, Christopher Bergin, MD, Michael C. Albert, MD, Andrew K. Cree, MD, James T. Guille, MD, D. Raymond Knapp, MD, Joseph P. O’Brien, MBA, Stanley E. Sacks, MA