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June 2011
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Stacy Lewis Meets with Scoliosis Patients at the Inaugural LPGA Founders Cup in Phoenix

Gregory R. White, MD
Scoliosis & Spinal Deformity Ė Phoenix Childrenís Hospital

The LPGA made itís return to Phoenix, AZ the weekend of March 16-20th for the inaugural RR Donnelley Founderís Cup, where the paticipating golfers each competed for the charity of their choice. Our Societyís flag bearer, Stacy Lewis, was gracious enough to name the SRS as her charity of choice and although she saved her best for the following weekend Ė winning her first major Ė she took some time to meet with three of my spinal fusion patients on Friday after her round.

Andrea Hall, Kiara Tassey, and Alexis Ortiz (two of them just three weeks removed from posterior spinal fusion surgery) met with Stacy and received inspiration and some encouraging words that just because youíve gone through a big surgical procedure, doesnít mean that you canít follow your dreams and accomplish your goals. The girls shared their own stories with Stacy, who was kind enough to listen and pose for pictures before heading off to the the practice green for another hour of work.

On behalf of myself, my patients, and the orthopaedic department of Phoenix Childrenís Hospital, we would like to thank Stacy for her generosity, congratulate her on her major victory, and wish her the best of luck in the future!