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March 2012
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Updating the Policy & Procedure Manual

Michael C. Albert

Michael C. Albert, MD
Bylaws and Policies Committee Chair

The SRS Bylaws and Policies Committee's primary goals are to respond to questions regarding the bylaws and to monitor activities ensuring compliance with bylaws and written policies. In addition, the committee updates the Policy & Procedure Manual when action items are approved by the Board of Directors (BOD), communicating changes to the SRS office and staff liaison. The committee continues to work on updating the Policy & Procedure Manual by soliciting edits from committee chairs. Thank you to Patrick Cahill, MD, who reviewed the entire document for duplication of content and edited as necessary. The manual is an evolving document that requires updates on a continual basis and we have requested that all committees review their respective sections on an annual basis and make recommendations for changes.

Please be aware that in May 2012, Active Members will be notified of an amendment proposal regarding the presidential stipend for a vote at the September 2012 Annual Meeting. Any questions regarding this Committee, please do not hesitate to contact Nilda Toro, Staff Liaison, or Michael Albert, MD, Chair.

Chair: Michael C. Albert, MD Committee Members: James W. Roach, MD; Manabu Ito, MD, PhD; Jason E. Lowenstein, MD; Jose Herrera-Soto, MD; Jeffrey D. Coe, MD; Karl E. Rathjen, MD