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June 2012
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Continuing Medical Education Committee Update: AAOS and ACCME

Glenn R. Rechtine, II, MD
CME Committee Chair

Glenn R. Rechtine, II, MD

The Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee has had a busy year so far. SRS applied for ACCME Accreditation in December 2011 and interviewed with ACCME surveyors in March. Glen R. Rechtine, II, MD; Lawrence G. Lenke, MD; Tressa Goulding, CAE, CMP and Courtney Kissinger participated in the interview and promoted SRS’s culture of excellence in education and research with a focus on patient safety and prevention of complications. SRS will receive the ACCME’s decision in July or August.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) will be providing the CME certification for the upcoming 19th International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST) and 47th Annual Meeting. ACCME now requires that potential conflicts of interest not only be disclosed but must be “resolved.” The deadlines for reviews will be earlier this year to allow more time for that resolution process. Content needs to be reviewed from every presentation for each of the meetings. 

Members of the CME, Program, and IMAST committees review abstracts, handouts and other presentation content to determine if a potential conflict of interest exists. If a reviewer suspects a conflict exists, he or she can request the presentation slides for review. In most cases a review of the presentation slides confirms that no conflict exists. In the few situations where conflicts are identified, the three-member Non-Conflicted Subcommittee is asked to review the presentation slides and resolve the conflict. Resolving a conflict may be anything from asking for minor changes (such as removing the use of brand names) to withdrawing the presentation in rare and extreme cases.

The process of identifying and resolving conflicts takes several weeks and its success is dependent on the contributions of reviewers, presenters, committee members and staff.  The CME Committee also developed a new policy after the 2011 Annual Meeting which states that presenters who fail to cooperate with the CME review by addressing pertinent CME review issues will have their presentation removed from the program and will receive a one year ban from abstract presentations and a three year ban from invited presentations.

The CME Committee continually explores new and better ways to educate our membership.  We welcome input from anyone who has any ideas.  Please contact Courtney Kissinger ( with your suggestions.

Committee Chair: Glenn R. Rechtine, II, MD Committee Members: Daniel J. Sucato, MD, MS; Ronald A. Lehman, MD; Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, MD; Richard E. McCarthy, MD; Lawrence G. Lenke, MD; Frank J. Schwab, MD.