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December 2012
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Fellowship Committee Report

Laurel Blakemore, MD
Fellowship Committee Chair

Laurel Blakemore, MD

The Fellowship Committee reviews all Candidate, Associate and Active applications for SRS membership, providing recommendations to the Board of Directors for final approval at the September and February/March Board meetings. The committee also participates in interpretation of membership policies and procedures as outlined in the SRS

We received an outstanding group of applicants for membership this year. We are pleased to announce our new 2013 Fellows.

Candidates (23):
Dheera Ananthakrishnan, MD
Paloma Bas Hermida, MD
Satoru Demura, MD
Michael J. Faloon, MD, MS
Nicholas D. Fletcher, MD
Katsumi Harimaya, MD
Michael B. Johnson, MD
Han Jo Kim, MD
Jean-Christophe A. Leveque, MD
Addisu Mesfin, MD
Hideki Murakami, MD, PhD
Jambuladinne Naresh-Babu, MD
Chris J. Neal, MD
Edward K. Nomoto, MD
Miguel H. Puigdevall, MD
Kristen E. Radcliff, MD
Paulo Josť Silva Ramos, MD
Shoji Seki, MD, PhD
Paul Stanton, DO
Luis Eduardo Carelli Teixeira Da Silva, MD, MSC
Eugene Wong, MD, MS
Shu-Hua Yang, MD, PhD
Jim A. Youssef, MD

Associate Fellows (4):
Linda S. Cree, BSN, RN
Abla M. Hamed, PhD
Marjolaine Roy-Beaudry, M.Sc
Isabelle Turgeon, B.Sc.

Special congratulations to our new Active Fellows, who have successfully completed the five-year Candidate process and are now full voting members (32).

Peter D. Angevine, MD, MPH
Mark A. Barry, MD
Patrick P. Bosch, MD
Jacob M. Buchowski, MD, MS
Michelle S. Caird, MD
Mladen Djurasovic, MD
Shawn R. Gilbert, MD
Hubert Lee Gooch, Jr., MD
Jonathan N. Grauer, MD
Enrique Izquierdo, MD
Hak-Sun Kim, MD
Wael Koptan, MD
Anant Kumar, MD
Robert D. Labrom, MD
Frank La Marca, MD
Ming Li, MD
Mark D. Locke, MD
Anis Mekhail, MD
Hooman M. Melamed, MD
Andrew W. Moulton, MD
Ian W. Nelson, MB, BS, MCh Orth, FRCS
Vikas V. Patel, MD
Alpaslan Senkoylu, MD
Jeffrey Scott Shilt, MD
Katsushi Takeshita, MD
Kent Vincent, MD
Michael G. Vitale, MD
Surya Prakash Rao Voleti, MS, DNB
Klane K. White, MD, MSc
Walid K. Yassir, MD
Xuesong Zhang, MD
Yonggang Zhang, MD

New Active Fellows accepted through the Fast Track program (5).

Michael G. Fehlings, MD, PhD, FRCSC, FACS
Luis Eduardo Munhoz da Rocha, MD
S. Rajasekaran, MD, FRCS, MCh, PhD
Regis W. Haid, Jr., MD
Vo Van Thanh, MD, PhD

New Emeritus Fellows (6):
David D. Aronsson, MD
Jean-Pierre C. Farcy, MD
Glen M. Ginsburg, MD
William A. Herndon, MD
Dan E. Mason, MD
Albert E. Sanders, MD

Fast Track to Active Fellowship:

The SRS developed a fast track to Active Fellowship specifically for consideration of senior surgeons who have made a significant contribution in the field of spinal deformity care. This opportunity is an accelerated approach which bypasses the five-year Candidate Fellow period, if all prerequisites listed below are met and verified by the SRS office.

  • 15 years or more in spine deformity practice. Time spent in fellowship/training is not calculated.
  • Full Professorship or equivalency.
  • A clinical practice which includes at least 20% spinal deformity.
  • Three abstracts submitted to the SRS Annual Meeting or IMAST, or one accepted, within five years of application date.
  • Have attended at least two SRS meetings, one must be an Annual Meeting, and the other may be an International Meeting on Advance Spine Techniques (IMAST), within five years of application date.

To date, we have accepted 25 Active Fellows through the fast track program. If you know of a senior spine surgeon who would be interested in applying for fast track consideration, please have them contact Nilda Toro, Membership Manager at The fast track option will expire June 30, 2014. Application deadlines are December 1 and June 30 of every year.

A complete fast track submission includes:

  • One copy of the completed fast track application. Provided by SRS office only.
  • One copy of your current Curriculum Vitae (CV), in English.
  • Five letters of recommendation from current Active SRS members or Emeritus (previously Active) SRS members.
    • One of the five letters may be from the president of your local spine deformity society (non-SRS member is acceptable).
    • Letters may be sent directly to the SRS office.
  • A non-refundable $100 (USD) application fee (discount for low income countries available).
  • One copy of a current photo (you may either send a hard copy with the application or email an electronic copy to

A New Membership Benefit!

We are pleased that our first issue of Spine Deformity, the official Journal of the SRS, will be mailed to SRS members in January 2013. Please make sure that your current mailing address is in our data base. Your member profile can be updated online under the Members-Only section of the website.

Thank you all for your dedication.

Chair: Laurel C. Blakemore, MD Committee Members: Carlos A. Tello, MD; Hilali H. Noordeen, MD; Douglas C. Burton, MD; Munish C. Gupta, MD.