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December 2012
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Non-Operative Management Committee Update

Michael C. Ain, MD
Committee Chair

Michael C. Ain, MD

The Non-Operative Management Committee has been very active during the start of the 2013 committee year. The committee members have been working intently to update the SRS Bracing Manual which is available on the SRS website for open use. Most recently, the committee has turned its focus to specifically updating the section on European Bracing. Theodorous B. Grivas, MD, PhD has worked hard to review and provide to the committee several substantial articles to enhance the manuals European section in the annotated bibliography. The Non-Operative Management Committee will be using those articles to develop an effective and balanced chapter on European Bracing. With only a few sections left unfinished, the committee is looking forward to presenting the SRS membership a fully completed bracing manual to consult and use in their practice sometime in the near future.

The Non-Operative Management Committee is also excited to be working on a submission for a Half-Day Course for the 48th Annual Meeting & Course in Lyon, France. While still being developed, the committee will be offering a variety of talks and panels on non-operative procedures affecting scoliosis patients from cradle to grave. The course will be representative of non-operative procedures from around the world with special attention given to developments from our host continent.

Committee Chair: Michael C. Ain, MD  Committee Members: Nigel J. Price, MD; Timothy S. Oswald, MD; Patrick T. Knott, PhD, PA-C; Michael T. Hresko, MD; Carlos A. Tello, MD; Luke Stikeleather, CO; Vishwas R. Talwalkar, MD; Joseph M. Verska, MD; Daniele A. Fabris-Monterumici, MD.