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March 2013
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Updates to the SRS Policy & Procedures Manual

Josť A. Herrera-Soto, MD
Bylaws and Policies Committee Chair

Josť A. Herrera-Soto, MD

The Bylaws and Policies Committee’s primary goal is to ensure compliance with bylaws and written policies. We do this by responding to questions that arise regarding the bylaws. In addition, we are currently updating the Policy & Procedure Manual with the approval of the Board of Directors (BOD), communicating changes to the Scoliosis Research Society office and staff liaison. The Committee completed updating the Policy & Procedure Manual by soliciting edits from committee chairs. Thank you to Michael Albert, MD and James Roach, MD who lead the charge in achieving this goal. As the manual is an evolving document, we will require from the committee chairs to evaluate and update their respective policies on a bi-annual basis and make recommendations for changes. We will focus this year in updating the governance council and research council committees. The finance and education councils will need updates during 2014.

We are currently recommending amendments to the policies and procedures for the Research Grant Committee, under the leadership of Charles Johnston, MD, to make people receiving grants accountable for their studies. Any disciplinary action regarding malutilization of funds would need approval from the Board on a case by case basis. These disciplinary actions can include: withholding of the remaining awarded funds, request of return of funds used improperly, ineligibility for future research grant awards, and/or inegibility to present papers or posters at IMAST or SRS for an indefinite period of time. Any questions regarding this Committee, please do not hesitate to contact Courtney Kissinger, Staff Liaison, or José Herrera-Soto, MD Chair.

Chair: Jose Herrera-Soto, MD Committee Members: Michael C. Albert, MD; M. Wade Shrader, MD; Jeffrey D. Coe, MD; Karl E. Rathjen, MD; Dilip K. Sengupta, MD.