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March 2013
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48th Annual Meeting Program Report

Suken A. Shah, MD
Program Committee Chair

Suken A. Shah, MD

The abstract submission process closed on February 1 via the website and I am pleased to report that over 1,400 abstracts were submitted for the Annual Meeting and IMAST. The abstracts have all been scored in a blinded fashion by our dedicated reviewers and aggregate scores will now be tabulated by Scholar One.

The Program Committee will meet in Chicago, Illinois, USA at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting (AAOS) to formulate the preliminary program and start the process of author notification. We hope to notify all authors in April about the status of their abstract submissions.

We do plan to keep the changes in place from last year; feedback was enthusiastically positive. 1.) Membership will be involved in the voting for the Hibbs Clinical and Basic Science Awards at the time of their podium presentations via a Smartphone application or paper ballot. The podium presentations of the finalists for the Hibbs Awards will be grouped at the Annual Meeting in a plenary session to allow the audience to view them in one session and to vote immediately following. 2.) A concurrent session will be held on Friday morning to allow more podium presentations to be given at the Annual Meeting.  The number and quality of abstracts submitted to the Annual Meeting has continued to increase. The concurrent session will allow 15 to 20 additional abstracts to be presented. 3.) Lastly, due to the success of the case presentation sessions the last two years, they will be repeated this year in a forum on an interesting topic moderated by the experts. Although any category of interesting case is allowed, we will place an emphasis on those presentations focusing on the topics of surgical complications and neurologic deficits. 

Chair: Suken Shah, MD Committee Members: Daniel J. Sucato, MD, MS; Daniel W. Green, MD; Timothy S. Oswald, MD; Jahingir K. Asghar, MD; Frank J. Schwab, MD; Stanley S. Lee, MD; John G. Thometz, MD; James O. Sanders, MD; Theodore J. Choma, MD; Ronald A. Lehman Jr., MD.

Many thanks to our abstract reviewers for their time and dedication devoted to the quality of the program:

Albert, Todd
Anand, Neel
Asghar, Jahingir
Buchowski, Jacob
Cahill, Patrick
Cheung, Kenneth
Cho, Samuel
47 Choma, Theodore
Crawford, Charles
Cronen, Geoffrey
Dahl, Benny
Dimar, John
El-Sharkawi, Mohammad
Glazer, Paul
Green, Daniel
Guille, James
Haber, Lawrence
Hsieh, Patrick
Jea, Andrew
Kanel, Jeffrey
Kebaish, Khaled
Knapp, D. Raymond
Korovessis, Panagiotis
Kotani, Toshiaki
Lee, Stanley
Lehman, Ronald
Marks, Michelle
Matsumoto, Morio
Mehta, Jwalant
Mhaidli, Hani
Mossaad, Mohammad
Oetgen, Matthew
Oswald, Timothy
Sanders, James
Schwab, Frank
Shaffrey, Christopher
Shah, Suken
Smith, Justin
Sucato, Daniel
Thometz, John
Tribus, Clifford
Tucker, Stewart
Uribe, Juan
Watanabe, Kota
Weidenbaum, Mark
Wong, Hee-Kit
Yazici, Muharrem