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March 2013
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Research Grant Committee Update

Charles E. Johnston, II, MD
Research Grant Committee Chair

Charles E. Johnston, II, MD

The Research Grant Committee received 21 grant applications for the Fall 2012 funding cycle. For the first time, there were six highly-technical grants involving genetics and molecular biology, of such sophistication that the committee, with the help of Carol Wise PhD, utilized non-member expert reviewers of national and international acclaim to assist in evaluating these grants. Two of these proposals (*) were eventually funded, as well as three others:

D. Sengupta: Dynamic stabilization system to prevent proximal junctional kyphosis -$10 thousand

V. Balasubramanian: True pathoanatomy of the rib hump in AIS and its influence on surgical intervention - $22 thousand

K. Kamiya: Cartilage dependent Ras-MAPK signaling and induction of scoliosis (continuation) - $25 thousand

R. Gray: Druk mutant zebrafish model for scoliosis* - $25 thousand

J. Gorski: SKI-1 somitogenesis regulation of scoliosis* -$25 thousand

Total funds awarded for this cycle were somewhat limited at $107 thousand. However, the  amounts available for the 2013 spring and fall cycles are expected to be at least $150K each, and so the Research Grant Committee is anticipating more activity than last year as the availability of these funds becomes known.

The Research Outcomes subcommittee, a newly formed subcommittee charged with quality control and review of funded grants, evaluated and/or accepted ten interim or final reports funded from previous years. For the one-hour Research Grants Lunchtime Symposium at the 2013 Annual Meeting, five additional projects from 2010-11 have been requested to present preliminary findings to the membership. Based on our experience with the symposium at the 2012 Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois, USA (“Breaking news”), this should produce a lively Question and Answer session for these five investigators. All members are invited to attend this lunchtime symposium at the 48th Annual Meeting in Lyon, France.   

Respectfully submitted,

Charles Johnston
Chairman, Research Grant Committee

Chair: Charles E. Johnston, II, MD Committee Members: John M. Flynn, MD; Kirkham B. Wood, MD; Lori Dolan, PhD; Jonathan H. Phillips, MD; Samuel K. Cho, MD; Michael P. Kelly, MD; Virginie C. Lafage, PhD; Annalise N. Larson, MD; Jwalant S. Mehta, FRCS(ortho); Michelle C. Marks, PT, MA; Jonathan E. Fuller, MD; Andrew G. King, MD; Joseph H. Perra, MD; Brian D. Snyder, MD, PhD; Carol A. Wise, PhD; Khaled Kebaish, MD; Baron S. Lonner, MD; Michael Rosner, MD.