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June 2013
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Adult Deformity Committee Update

Jeffrey D. Coe, M.D
Adult Deformity Committee Chair

Jeffrey D. Coe, M.D

The Adult Deformity Committee has continued the projects that had been initiated by the committee under the leadership of Sigurd H. Berven, MD last year. The Adult Deformity Surgical Indications White Paper was completed in October of 2012 shortly after a committee conference call, approved by the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) Board of Directors and Presidential Line and is now posted on the SRS website.  Within the next few months, this statement will be submitted to the new SRS Spine Deformity Journal for publication. 

The Adult Deformity Committee will be coordinating with the Website Committee to further improve the content for patient education on adult deformity. One part of this effort will be to create a version of the Adult Deformity Surgical Indications White Paper with simplify the language so our patients can better understand why deformity surgery may be beneficial for them or their family members.

The Adult Deformity registry project has moved forward with coordination with the National Neurosurgery Quality Outcomes Database (N2QOD), which is already in place as a degenerative spinal surgery registry. The Committee, together with the N2QOD leadership (including SRS members Christopher I. Shaffrey, MD and Praveen V. Mummaneni, MD), has generated two draft registry modules, one for simple deformity and another for complex deformity. A conference call was held in early June to finalize these modules. 

The Adult Deformity Committee has also been charged with developing a classification for Cervical Spinal Deformity. This is anticipated to be a multi-year project that will be based on the best evidence available regarding this aspect of spinal deformity. 

Finally, the Adult Deformity Classification System initiated several years ago under the chairmanship of Frank J. Schwab, MD has achieved completion as evidence by the publication of validation studies in both marked and unmarked radiographs that have validated the reproducibility of this system. 

Committee Chair:  Jeffrey D. Coe, MD.  Committee Members: Sigurd H. Berven, MD; Christopher DeWald , MD; Christopher P. Ames, MD; Charles Kuntz, MD,;Jung-Hee Lee, MD; Gregory M. Mundis, MD; Ferran Pellise, MD; Scott S. Russo, MD; Rajiv K. Sethi, MD;  Andrew K. Cree, MD; Donald A. Deinlein, MD; Daniele A. Fabris-Monterumici, MD; Lloyd A. Hey, MD; Michael D. Kasten, MD; Michael D. Daubs, MD; Kenneth J. Paonessa, MD.