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September 2013
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Globalization Committee Update

Lawrence G. Lenke, MD
Globalization Committee Chair

Lawrence G. Lenke, MD  Chair

The Globalization committee developed two separate surveys that went out to representatives of our International Spinal Surgery community in late August. The first survey is directed towards SRS international members. Our objective is to obtain a better appreciation of how they feel the SRS is doing with respect to our Global aspirations, what attracted them to become an SRS member, how the benefits of membership are of value to them and their patients, what additional benefits may be of importance to them, and whether they can identify other surgeons in their regions who may be potential members in the future. In addition, we will query our non-North American members for potential future sites for our meetings held around the globe.

The second survey will be distributed to non-SRS members from around the world who have attended at least one of our meetings in the past, but have not elected, for whatever reason, to join our Society. This survey will attempt to define what meetings and aspects of those meetings were felt to be of importance to these surgeons to attend, and more importantly, why these surgeons have not joined the SRS. The goal will be to try and identify the main reasons why spinal deformity surgeons from around the globe have not joined our society even though they attend our meeting(s) and feel our educational offerings have value to them. We will try and delineate what benefits of SRS membership these surgeons would find of enough value to consider joining the SRS, if certain membership benefits could lead to application to our society. The goal is to identify and potentially better serve spinal deformity surgeons worldwide who would benefit from membership in our Society.

The results of these two surveys will be analyzed by the Globalization Committee members and the results utilized in helping plan the continuing Globalization efforts in the future. The process of truly becoming a Global society is a long term proposition which is slowly being realized along with a gradual increase in the number and percentage of non-North American members in the SRS. The three regions (Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America) and the co-chairs assigned to these regions are meant to try and improve the flow of ideas and information to the leadership of the society such that our Globalization efforts are maximized now and in the future. As always, we welcome any comments and/or suggestions on how the SRS can better meet the needs of our entire membership and spinal deformity community at-large around the Globe in order to optimize the care of all spinal deformity patients.

Chair: Lawrence G. Lenke, MD Committee: Noriaki Kawakami, MD, DMSc - Asia-Pacific Co-Chair; Hee-Kit Wong, MD - Asia - Pacific Co-Chair; David S. Marks, FRCS - Europe Co-Chair; Francisco Sanchez Perez-Grueso, MD - Europe Co-Chair; Carlos A. Tello, MD - Latin America Co-Chair; Osmar Avanzi, MD - Latin America Co-Chair