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September 2013
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Research Council Update

Kenneth MC Cheung, MD
Research Council Chair

Kenneth MC Cheung, MD

The Research Council is made up by chairs of the following committees: Adult Deformity; Evidence based outcomes; Growing Spine; Mortality and Morbidity; Non-operative Management; Research Grant; and 3D Scoliosis.

As Chair of the Research Council, I was appointed on a four-year term. I am a voting member of the Board of Directors and I attend all Board of Directors meetings. My duties are to report to the Board of Directors, activities of the member committees and to act as one channel of communication between the Board of Directors and the committees. I try to attend as many of the committee meetings and conference calls as possible, and provide guidance to the committees regarding ideas discussed at Board of Directors level. In addition, the Council Chair is aware of actions of individual committees, and therefore can facilitate work between committees to enhance efficiency and reduce overlap.

Each year, at the Annual Meeting & Course, I am responsible for providing a summary of activities carried out by the individual committees at the member’s business meeting and to take suggestions and questions. Indeed, if members have any suggestions for me, I would be very happy to hear from you via email.

Council Chair: Kenneth MC Cheung Council Members: Jeffrey D. Coe, MD; James O. Sanders, MD; Michael J. Mendelow, MD; Douglas C. Burton, MD; Michael C. Ain, MD ; Charles E. Johnston II, MD; Hubert Labelle, MD