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Dedicated to the optimal care of patients with spinal deformity

Medtronic Grant Host Application Report

Host Name: Benny Dahl
Host State: Denmark
Host Email:

Site Name: SpineUnit, Rigshospitalet 2162
Site Email:

Host Desc: The Spine Unit at Rigshospitalet was established in 2010, centralizing the complex
spinal surgery serving almost half of the Danish population corresponding to 2.3 million people.
The clinical activities can be described as follows:
Nine spine-surgeons; seven orthopaedic and two neurosurgeons.
50% of the activity acute. One spine surgeon on-call 24/7
750 procedures annually; almost exclusively complex deformity, trauma, pediatric deformity, oncology,
revision and infection.
100 pediatric and adolescent procedures annually.
Two operating theaters; one with Jackson table and O-arm
One orthopaedic resident and one international fellow.
Typical week activity:
Monday: OR (primary tumors and acute cases)
Tuesday; OR (two pediatric deformity procedures) and clinic
Wednesday: OR (two deformity procedures)
Thursday: research conference and OR
Friday: OR and clinic

Research Opportunities: We currently have three ph.d.-research fellows conducting the following
1. Radiographic risk factors predicting revision in the surgical treatment of adult spinal deformities
2. Pre-operative embolization in surgical treatment of spinal metastasis; a randomized clinical trial
3. Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis – Evaluation of diagnosis, prognosis and surgical treatment
Additional research projects involves medical students as part of their bachelor or master thesis:
1. Morbidity and mortality after pedicle subtraction osteotomy in adult spinal deformity
2. Complications after complex spinal surgery - a prospective clinical trial
3. Advanced pulmonary function analysis in idiopathic scoliosis - lessons learned from cystic fibrosis
4. Pre-operative imaging analysis; comparison between Keops and SurgiMap.

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