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Dedicated to the optimal care of patients with spinal deformity

Call for Volunteer Hosts to 2019 Awards Recipients

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Site Contact

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Host Site Description

Things to potentially include
  • Demographic of clinical spine deformity practice (pediatrics, adult, both)
  • Research support available- research coordinators, statistician support
  • Clinical team and support available - residents, fellows, etc.
  • The typical week's activities - time spent in clinic, operating room, doing research, etc.
  • Do you allow hands-on experience?


Please select for which fellowships you would like to host:
Edgar G. Dawson Fellowship (2-3 days): available to Candidate or Active SRS members under the age of 45 and reside in North America. Host site must be in North America.

Eduardo R. Luque Memorial as a Fellowship (2 weeks): winners will be from either Mexico, Central or South America, or the Iberian Peninsula and 45 years old or younger.

Global Outreach Visiting Fellowship (3-4 weeks): The 45 year old or younger winner will be from a developing nation and looking to observe clinical care and spinal deformity surgeries from an Active SRS Fellow. Recipients will also have had a minimum of two years of independent spine surgery experience.

Robert B. Winter Fellowship (4-6 weeks): The host site should be staffed with Active SRS members. Fellowship winners are highly motivated spine surgeons currently in clinical practice in any financially-challenged underserved area worldwide. They should be in a position to disseminate knowledge acquired during the fellowship to others in their home country upon their return. Recipients must be from sites that have the ability to perform complex spine surgery.
Please indicate if you (the host) are interested in visiting the Winter fellow in their country of origin to follow up on knowledge and skills learned during the fellowship:

OrthoPediatrics International Pediatric Spine Fellowship (2-3 weeks): This fellowship winner is currently in clinical practice and in a position to disseminate acquired knowledge in their financially-challenged underserved country of origin. They are experienced surgeons looking to enhance or develop a new technique related to pediatric spinal deformity at a PEDIATRIC ONLY facility.

Asia Pacific Fellowship (1 year): Available to Spinal Deformity surgeons, 45 years old or younger. They can visit 2-3 experienced Spinal Deformity Centers during a year- long intensive program to optimize their education, knowledge, clinical research acumen and technical skills in the field.