Key Dates

Abstract Notification* April 1, 2017
Presenter Acceptance & Registration Deadline May 1, 2017
Speaker Ready Room Opens May 15, 2017
Deadline to Make Corrections to Title/Authors** June 1, 2017
Deadline to Upload Point Presentations for Display July 3, 2017
Online Speaker Ready Room Closes July 5, 2017

*SRS Annual Meeting Abstract Notifications will be e-mailed on April 15, 2017.
**Authors may only be added to an abstract if they have an existing author account in the abstract submission system and a completed COI Disclosure Form. Changes may NOT be made to the body of the abstract, images or tables. Sorry, no exceptions.


Two-Minute Point Presenter Requirements

Presentation Length

Each Two-Minute Point Presentation is allowed two (2) minutes. The microphone will shut off if a speaker’s presentation extends more than 15 seconds beyond the two-minute time limit. Speakers should arrive early to their session and be ready to take the podium opposite the presenter before them, BEFORE that presenter has finished speaking, to facilitate quick transitions.

Non-Exclusive License and Attestation

Both a Non-Exclusive License Form and Attestation Form must be completed in the Dekon Speaker Management System.  Presenting authors will be prompted to complete these forms upon logging in to accept their presentation.  The deadline for presenters to accept their invitation and complete these forms is May 1, 2017.
For assistance with username and passwords please contact the SRS Meetings Team at or +1-414-289-9107.

AV and Presentation Upload

Each session room will be equipped with an LCD projector, laptop, screen, podium with microphone and theater-style seating.

Two-Minute Point Presentations are limited to a total of six slides, with the first slide including the title and authors of the abstract and the last slide including references.  Two-Minute Point Presentations are also available for delegates to review during IMAST on computer kiosks.  All presentations must be uploaded by July 3, 2017 to appear on the onsite kiosks. It is not necessary to upload twice.

Presentations should be submitted to the Speaker Ready Room starting on May 15, 2017 and the Speaker Ready Room will close July 5 at 11:59pm PST.  

Presenters who uploaded presentations to last year’s IMAST or Annual Meeting Speaker Ready Room may use the same email account and passwords as last year. If you have forgotten your password, simply click the Forgot Password button and it will be sent to the email account you used. Presenters who did NOT upload in 2015 or 2016 should create a new account the first time logging into the site. SRS members-only site passwords, abstract submission site passwords, and M&M site passwords will NOT work. If you need further technical assistance, please click the "SUPPORT" button at the top right of the Speaker Ready Room homepage.

*NEW THIS YEAR* Presentations should be in 16:9 format (widescreen).  Click here for instructions on converting from 4:3 to 16:9.

AV Guidelines for Point Presentations

Speaker Ready Room - Closed


CME Accreditation Policies *New Updated Policies*

Abstract presentations will be CME accredited, and therefore essential that they be free from commercial influence. SRS strongly prefers that pharmaceuticals and proprietary software/databases as well as surgical approaches or specific instrumentation such as “Surgimap, MIMICS, EOS Imaging, ROTEM, Isola, TSRH, CD, XLIF, DLIF, AxiaLIF, Solera, Vertex, Expedium, Mountaineer, Shilla, VEPTR etc.,” are not used in presentations. These terms should be replaced by a generic term or description of the drug, software/database and/or instrumentation or technique unless the use of the term directly impacts learners’ understanding of the presentation or data. Instrumentation may also be referred to when the device name is a landmark system that is no longer sold (i.e. Harrington, Cotrel-Dubousset, Luque). Company names and logos must never be used in a presentation (including in images.)

All abstract submitting authors were to indicate their intent to use a product name at the time of submission. If you did not indicate then but intend to reference commercial products, please email

All presentations must clear a review conducted by the SRS CME Committee.  Presenters may be required to submit slides for review before the meeting and may be asked to make small or significant changes if a bias issue is found. Failure to address pertinent CME review issues will result in removal of the presentation from the program and/or a one-year ban for abstract presentations and a three-year ban for invited presentations.


Please note that an additional slide including all authors' financial disclosures will be shown on the screen opposite of the presenter during the presentation. If speakers have any corrections to make to their disclosure statement, please send them to by May 1, 2017.

Confirmation & Registration

All podium presenters must confirm their plans to participate by registering for the program by May 1, 2017 and by clicking Accept in the Dekon Speaker Management System.  Please visit to register for the meeting online.

Final Program Book

Presenters’ abstracts will be published in the scientific program book as submitted. Any corrections that need to be made to the title or author listing should be sent to by May 1, 2017. SRS cannot make edits or additions to the abstract text. Also, authors may only be added if they have an existing author account in the abstract submission system and a completed COI Disclosure Form.

Cancellation & No-Show Policy

Authors unable to present their paper in person should inform SRS as soon as possible which co-author will present in their place. If no one is able to present the paper, please inform SRS by May 1, so an alternate paper can be substituted. Please note that in the case of a "no-show" podium presentation, all authors and co-authors associated with the "no-show" paper will be prohibited from presenting any papers at the next two IMASTs.

Housing & Travel

Presenters are expected to register, pay required registration fees and incur all costs for housing and travel. Please visit the "Housing" tab ( for details on arranging housing and travel to Cape Town, South Africa

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