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Exhibitor Information

Meeting Dates: April 1-4, 2020

Meeting Location:
Athenaeum InterContinental Athens Hotel
Syngrou Avenue 89-93, Athens ,11745, Greece
Exhibit Hall: -1 Lobby and -2 Lobby

Exhibit Hours: (subject to change)

Tuesday, March 31 Wednesday, April 1 Thursday, April 2 Friday, April 3 Saturday, April 4

ProEvents to begin Set up

Exhibit Installation
(contractor only)

Exhibit Set Up

Exhibit Set Up

Exhibit Personnel Badge Pick Up

Welcome Reception in Exhibit Hall

Cases & Cocktails Sessions




Exhibits Closed

Dates to Remember:
Exhibitor Description for Program Due……….February 1, 2020
Exhibitor Personnel Registration Deadline…..February 28, 2020
Housing Deadline……………………………….February 28, 2020

Exhibit Hall Floorplan

-1 Lobby Level:

-2 Lobby Level:


Booth Provisions

Each exhibit purchase includes the shell structure package, which includes:

  • Standard Shell Scheme Aluminum Framed Structure Booth (based on a 3m x 3m sized booth)
  • Black/White printed header with company name and booth number.
  • (1) power socket, (1) trash bin
  • Furniture- (1) table, (2) chairs
  • Additional furniture, graphics, power, audiovisual or other needs will be at the expense of the exhibitor.

The following are also included with each exhibit purchase:

  • Complimentary exhibitor registrations (number depending on booth size purchased), including admission to scientic sessions, based on capacity.
  • Inclusion of company name and link to company website on the SRS IMAST website and IMAST mobile app.
  • Publication of company name, address, booth number and 250 word company description in the Final Program and IMAST mobile app (if received by February 1).
  • Pre-registration and post-registration attendee mailing list

Information for 3rd Party/Exhibitor Appointed Contractors:

  • Contractor companies will need to register with hotel security to gain access to the building when they arrive. There is not any prior paperwork to be done; the contractor staff will need to enter from hotel’s staff entrance door (Filinou Street). They will need to get registered upon their arrival at hotel’s time keeper with the use of their identity cards.
  • They will need though to comply with hotel’s policies and instructions during the setup, exhibition and dismantling.
  • No additional insurance documentation is required by the hotel.

Please note, on level -2 the ceiling height is 2.65 m. The suggested height for all exhibit booths 2.60 M or less.

Exhibitor Service Kit

Exhibitor service kits, courtesy of Pro Events, the official IMAST exhibition contractor, are for your use to order additional furniture, booth graphics, booth upgrades, A/V, etc. Please pass appropriate information on to contractors or other individuals who require it.

Exhibit Service Kit Catalogue

Order Form - DEADLINE: MARCH 3, 2020

Please contact Deppie Vergi at Pro Events Ltd ( with any questions.


Exhibit Personnel Registration

Complimentary exhibit personnel registrations may be claimed on individual registrations or group registrations. Individuals can register online or using the PDF registration form.  Group registrations must be done using the group registration form (groups of 2-5) or the group registration spreadsheet (groups over 5).  Please use the registration codes distributed to you via email with your booth space assignment during the registration process to claim your complimentary registrations.

Please note that all complimentary registrations MUST be claimed before the advance registration deadline of February 28, 2020. Booth staff registrations will only be accepted onsite after this date and are subject to full registration fees.

To Claim Complimentary Registration:

PDF Forms: Please write the discount code next the name of the delegate receiving the complimentary registration.  If no codes are written, complimentary registrations will be applied to delegates in the order they are listed on the form.

Please note, all delegates must have their own email address listed under their name to ensure certificates of attendance are correctly distributed. Completed forms can be returned to the SRS office via email at or fax (414)-276-3349.

Online Registration: Individuals Only

Please note, each discount code can only be used once.

Exhibit Personnel Housing

The IMAST meeting venue and headquarter hotel is the Athenaeum InterContinental Athens Hotel

(Syngrou Avenue 89-93, Athens, 11745, Greece).The room block will open on December 16 and closes February 28. Please feel free to reserve rooms for individuals using the housing link on the IMAST website.Room rates, reservation instructions and further information can also be found online at

**Please note housing is on a first-come, first-served basis so please book early! Housing reservation deadline is February 28, 2020.**

If your company will require a large number of rooms, please contact SRS at as SRS staff may be able to assist you in securing an additional room block for your company.


Shipping & Storage

SRS advises that exhibiting companies ship their materials through Association Freight Services, the official Freight Forwarder & Customs Broker for IMAST 2020. Please note, SRS is not responsible for locating materials shipped using other methods (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc).

Your company is responsible for arranging storage for all of your empty cases during IMAST; this can be arranged through Association Freight Services. Storage of empties and packaging in and behind stands is prohibited.

Association Freight Services Contact Information

John Floyd
Phone: 855-565-5900 or 302-628-8900

Shipping Information & Instructions

Shipment Instructions

Shipments must be sent to the hotel address and to the attention of the Hotel’s Security Department. Please mention clearly, on the box, the name of the conference and the name of the person who will claim the boxes on site.

The boxes have to be delivered by the courier company in the appointed hotel “guest storeroom” at -1 level not before 3 working days (27/3/2020 for individual shipments) from the 1st day of the conference.

Custom clearance and payment of relevant duties is the sender’s obligation.

When the boxes are needed the Hotel’s Security Department can be contacted by phone at +30 210 920 6532) to open the storage for you. The transfer of the boxes is responsibility of the person who is collecting them. Hotel does not provide transfer boxes service.

Important Note: If you are sending boxes from a Non-European Union country please note that the items have to go through customs for clearance and import duties must be paid. For the import it will be necessary that you have a local tax representative or a registered branch. If you do have one of them, please contact them and ask them to assist you by acting as the importers of the shipment providing to customs all necessary documentation. In this case please address the shipment to them (Bill to) noting for the delivery the Hotel address below.

If you are lacking a local tax representative or a registered branch please note that the hotel may act as the shipment consignee for custom purposes but in this case the custom clearance has to done only through hotel’s appointed custom broker who is duly authorized. Please contact us well in advance.

Box Label Example:
Athenaeum InterContinental Athens
Security Department (SN)
For IMAST 2020
Will be claimed by Mr/Ms. - Please refer the name of the recipient.
89-93 Syngrou Av.
117 45 Athens
To be delivered in the guest storeroom at -1 level.

Additional Information

  • Size of crates or boxes must be of maximum width 0.90 m (or 90 cm) and their height should not exceed 1.90 m
  • Trucks delivering shipments to Hotel must be in height less than 3.50 m. to be able to reach our receiving dock. For direct delivery at -2 Level the trucks should not exceed 2.9 m height.
  • Trucks should also have a hand operated fork lift to move the pallets from the receiving dock to the storeroom. 

Parking For Trucks Outside Hotel (Next To Staff Entrance)

  • 20.00 m (pool side)
  • Note: There is usually a ban of trucks on Sundays from 15:00-22:00

Garage Height

  • From entrance to the receiving dock (-1 level) height is 3.55 m
  • From -1 area to go down to -2 receiving dock (Banquet rooms) height 2.90 m
  • From -2 area to go down to garage height 2.30 m

Low Ceiling At -2 Banquet Lobby: 2.65 meters

  • All booths on level -1 and level -2 must remain below a height of 2.60M

Dimensions of 5-Leaf Door (-2 Level): W = 2.50 m, H= 2.02 m

  • Door to BQT Lobby: W = 2.44 m x H=2.25m

Affiliate Meeting Space Request

All affiliate function requests will need to be submitted online at

Once approved, SRS will handle all space requests on a first-come, first-served basis. All requests must go through the online approval process before space will be granted.

Please remember the following guidelines when requesting space for an affiliate function:

  • No entertainment functions, meetings, courses or social functions involving surgeon delegates may be scheduled to conflict with SRS meeting program hours, activity hours, exhibit hours or social events. Internal corporate meetings involving supporter or affiliate organization staff only are exempt from this limitation.
  • Entertainment and social functions must be in good taste and conform to the purpose of the meeting, as well as complying with all AdvaMed guidelines governing interaction with physicians.
  • SRS should be notified in writing of any special activities (whether entertainment, education or promotional in nature) planned by an affiliated company for the period during which SRS meeting functions occur.
  • Announcements and invitations addressed to members of the medical profession concerning such industry events should clearly indicate the name of the corporate supporter and must in no manner imply directly or indirectly that the event is part of, or an official activity of, SRS.
  • Attendee lists provided by SRS to Corporate Supporters, as part of the Benefits of Support outlined in the Corporate Support Program are intended for a one-time, meeting-related use only.  All announcements and invitations addressed to SRS meeting delegates should be pre-approved by SRS.


Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

All company representatives are expected to have read the IMAST Exhibit Hall Rules & Regulations prior to the start of the meeting.

Download the Rules & Regulations

Hands-On Workshop Information

Hands-on Workshop(HOW) information, including room assignments, complimentary registration codes, and other instructions has been sent to companies supporting workshops directly.  If you need any of this information sent again, please email

Please note, there has been a change to the Hands-On Workshop faculty reimbursement policy, which is outlined in the HOW Rules and Regulations document.  Please review this document and let us know if you have any changes.

Download the Hands-On Workshop Rules & Regulations

Please also find the HOW Tips & Tricks document, for your reference in efforts to help you plan and create a successful workshop with high participation.

Download the HOW Tips & Tricks

Dates to Remember:

HOW title, faculty and program description/agenda for Program Due……….February 1, 2020
Registration Deadline………………………………………………………………February 28, 2020
Housing Deadline………………………………………..………………………….February 28, 2020



2020 Exhibitor Prospectus & Corporate Support Opportunities

The 2020 Corporate Support Brochure is now available, including:

  • IMAST Marketing Opportunities - page 17
  • IMAST Exhibitor Prospectus - page 19
  • IMAST Hands-On Workshops - page 26
  • IMAST Grant Opportunities - page 15

Download a copy of the 2020 Brochure

The 2020 Grant, Marketing, Exhibit, and Workshop reservation forms can be found on pages 37-41 of the brochure and can also be downloaded, below. 

IMAST Exhibit Application Form - Deadline: November 15, 2019

IMAST Hands-On Workshop Application Form - Deadline: November 15, 2019

IMAST Marketing Application Form

IMAST Grant Reservation Form

Please return completed forms to the SRS office via mail, fax or email at

Support opportunities are on a first-come, first-served basis, unless otherwise specified.