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Live Program: April 23-25, 2021 | Self-Paced Program: April 21-June 31, 2021

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Self-Paced Program | April 21-June 30, 2021

Click here for the complete self-paced program. The self-paced program can also be found on pages 33-36 in the Final Program.

Live Program | April 23-25, 2021

Click here for the complete live program. The live program can also be found on pages 23-32 in the Final Program.
*Session times below are provided in US Eastern Time (ET), Central European Summer Time (CEST), and China Standard Time (CST).

Friday, April 23, 2021*

8:00-9:55 ET/
14:00-15:55 CEST/
20:00-21:55 CST
Session 1: Whitecloud Award-Nominated Abstracts
  Break (5 min.)
10:00-10:10 ET/
16:00-16:10 CEST/
22:00-22:10 CST
Presidential Address
  Break (5 min.)
10:15-11:00 ET/
16:15-17:00 CEST/
22:15-23:00 CST
Concurrent Sessions 2A-B: Instructional Course Lectures
- 2A. Minimally Invasive Surgery for Adult Deformity: When and How
- 2B. My Worst Cervical Complications: Creating or Curing It
  Break (5 min.)
11:05-12:05 ET/
17:05-18:05 CEST/
23:05-00:05 CST
Industry Live Session: Medtronic

Saturday, April 24, 2021*

8:00-8:45 ET/
14:00-14:45 CEST/
20:00-20:45 CST
Session 3: The Bandwagons I Jumped Off
  Break (5 min.)
8:50-10:10 ET/
14:50-16:10 CEST/
20:50-22:10 CST
Concurrent Sessions 4A-D: Instructional Course Lectures with Abstracts
- 4A. Innovations in Robotics, Navigation, and AI for 2021 and Beyond
- 4B. Robotics and Navigation in Pediatric Spine Surgery
- 4C. Proximal Junctional Kyphosis: Current Thinking and Innovative Solutions
- 4D. Vertebral Body Tethering: Go Big or Go Broke
  Break (5 min.)
10:15-10:45 ET/
16:15-16:45 CEST/
22:15-22:45 CST
Concurrent Sessions 5A-D: Lightning Case Discussion Series
- 5A. Adult Deformity: Use of Adjunctive Instrumentation
- 5B. Cervical Spine
- 5C. Pediatric Spine: Common Problems that Challenge Decision Making
- 5D. Spondylolisthesis
  Break (5 min.)
10:50-11:50 ET/
16:50-17:50 CEST/
22:50-23:50 CST
Industry Live Session: Stryker

Sunday, April 25, 2021*

9:05-10:35 ET/
15:05-16:35 CEST/
21:05-22:35 CST
Early Career Surgeons Session
  Break (5 min.)
10:40-11:40 ET/
16:40-17:40 CEST/
22:40-23:40 CST
Industry Live Session: DePuy Synthes


Additional live industry sessions will be hosted by Globus Medical, Inc. on April 28 and Stryker on April 30.

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