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  1. 成長時期における早期発見。
  2. 軽度から中等度の弯曲。
  3. 整形外科医(側弯の装具治療に十分な経験がる)による定期的な検査。
  4. 子供の成長にあわせて修正することができる患者の側弯に十分適合した装具。
  5. 患者自身の自覚とその家族の支援。
  6. 装具除去時におけるエクササイズやダンス訓練など、リハビリ医師が指示する活動性の維持。
Video Library
Videos Prepared by Paul Sponseller, MD and Kristin Venuti of the Pediatric Spine Service at The John Hopkins University
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Nora's Story
TLSO Brace for Scoliosis
Nora is 14 years old. She wears a custom TLSO brace for scoliosis. Nora doesn't hide the brace, in fact, her friends have decorated it! She faithfully wears it all day, but she does take it off for field hockey. Prebrace, Nora had a 33 degree thoracic curve and a 40 degree lumbar curve. After eight months her curves are not increasing - the thoracic curve is 33 degrees and the lumbar curve is 35 degrees.
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Joshua's Story
Milwaukee Brace for Kyphosis
Joshua is 14 years old. He wears a Milwaukee brace for kyphosis. He is motivated by the opportunity to avoid surgery. His kyphosis curve measured 71 degrees prebrace. After only 6 months it's been reduced to 49 degrees. A Boy Scout, Joshua is committed to the brace. He even wears it camping and hiking.