Scoliosis Research Society presents

SRS 56th Annual Meeting

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Lunchtime Symposium - Limits of MIS: A SRS-AANS Collaboration

This session will focus on the potential benefits and shortcomings of minimally invasive surgery in relation to achieving sagittal alignment goals and avoiding proximal junctional kyphosis. The use of algorithms in MIS in adults will be explored and the options for adolescents will be discussed through an engaging debate format.

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12:30-14:00 Central Time (US)

Case Presentation Using MISDEF 2 and MIISA Algorithms
Kai-Ming Gregory Fu, MD, PhD

Panel Discussion: MIS Algorithm
Panelists: Dean Chou, MD; PhD; Paul Park, MD; Khoi D. Than, MD

Debate: How to Achieve 30 Degrees of Sagittal Balance Restoration
Presented by: Pierce D. Nunley, MD

MIS is Best
Juan S. Uribe, MD
Open is Best
David O. Okonkwo, MD, PhD

Debate: How to Prevent and Treat PJK
Presented by: Robert K. Eastlack, MD

MIS is the Best Way to Prevent PJK
Neel Anand, MD
Open Techniques Work Fine to Prevent PJK
Justin S. Smith, MD, PhD

Debate: Thoracolumbar Scoliosis in Skeletally Immature Patient - Is Anterior Vertebral Body Tethering the Best Option?
Case Presentation
Presented by: Mari L. Groves, MD

Tethering is Best
Steven W. Hwang, MD
Posterior Approach is Best
Gregory M. Mundis, Jr., MD

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