December 2015

Education Committee Update

Theodore Choma, MD
Education Committee Chair

The Education Committee is responsible for the educational programs (Pre-Meeting Course, Half-Day Courses, and Lunchtime Symposia) at the Annual Meeting. Their efforts at the recent 50th Annual Meeting in Minneapolis are worthy of our thanks and congratulations. Under the direction of the previous Education Committee Chair, Sigurd Berven, MD, we were treated to an array of rich educational programs infused with a strong historical prospective over the arc of our Society’s first 50 years.  These educational programs were exceptionally well attended and received, and the presenters and organizers have our heartfelt appreciation for all their hard work. I am personally humbled, as I know I have big shoes to try and fill.

Looking ahead to the 51st Annual Meeting in Prague, we are quite thankful for Martin Repko, MD, PhD our local host. The Education Committee is currently soliciting potential educational topics for our courses and symposia from the membership. The application for educational activities is available on the Members Only section of the website ( under the “Applications” section and are due to on January 11, 2016. We would appreciate as much input as we can get from you, our members.  Some themes currently under consideration for the Prague educational offerings are: risk stratification, safety, and evidence based medicine topics.  

The Educational Committee is also responsible for interfacing with other organizations such as AAOS, FOSA, NASS, and the CNS-AANS Joint Section for co-branded offerings.  We urge our members to consider submitting proposals to those groups covering spine deformity topics.  For those who are so inclined, please let me know as well so that SRS has an opportunity to weigh in with these groups as we seek opportunities to co-brand and enlarge to community that is afforded opportunity to learn about the management of spinal deformity conditions. 

I wish to extend a personal thank you to Sigurd Berven, MD for his leadership of this committee, as well as to Courtney Kissinger – our Senior Education Manager- for all of her hard work and guidance as we seek to continue the legacy of educational excellence of this Society. 

Chair: Theodore T. Choma, MD Committee: Sigurd H. Berven, MD; Justin S. Smith, MD, PhD; Lawrence L. Haber, MD; Mark Weidenbaum, MD; Marinus de Kleuver, MD, PhD; Eric J. Belin, MD; Santiago T. Bosio, MD; Kai Cao, MD, PhD; Jonathan J. Carmouche, MD; Scott C. Nelson, Naveed Yasin, FRCS (Tr & Ortho); Nathan H. Lebwohl, MD; Praveen Mummaneni, MD; Maria Cristina Sacramento Dominguez, MD, PhD; S. Rajasekaran, MD, FRCS, MCh, PhD; Richard H. Gross, MD; Yan Wang, MD; Charles H. Crawford III, MD; Paul T. Rubery, MD; Suken A. Shah  , MD