December 2015

President's Message

Wow, what a phenomenal 50th anniversary meeting in Minneapolis. Kudos to John Dormans, MD, the 50th Anniversary Task Force led by Behrooz Akbarnia, MD, the Education Committee led by Sigurd Berven, MD,  the Program Committee led by Ronald Lehman, Jr., MD, the local hosts Joseph and Sherry Perra, Tressa and the SRS staff and all who participated. We had over 1800 registrants, the historical museum was spectacular and the annual program continues to be the best spine deformity program in the world.

So what is next? We just completed the Cabinet Meeting in Chicago with Board members, committee chairs and some invited guests from Hong Kong, Europe and throughout North America. The energy and enthusiasm of the members of this Society continues to set us apart.  This year Steve Glassman, MD and Frank Schwab, MD are leading the Directed Research Task Force effort on risk stratification. Many great ideas are coming from members around the globe. This will be a multi-faceted, multi-year effort that we hope will help us better inform our patients and help us as surgeons make better patient specific decisions.

We are financially sound. Thank you to all of our members who pay dues, to those of you who have made philanthropic gifts and to our industry partners.

I am personally honored to serve you as your president. I promise you, I will do my best to serve the best interests of our Society.

I am looking forward to the first U.S. based IMAST meeting in Washington, D.C. Dr. Lehman and Henry Halm, MD will make it a great meeting. Flight connections around the world should be reasonable. Tressa and I have done a site visit to Prague, Czech Republic for our upcoming Annual Meeting & Course, and it is spectacularly beautiful. As always, I expect that the content will continue to be the best in the world and is truly the highlight of our Society’s activities. In the meantime, SRS continues to support research and safety through our grants, leadership, directed research and M&M data collection and education through Worldwide Courses, Hands-On Courses, scholarships and fellowships for young surgeons and patient education materials. Committees are active with numerous projects related to the SRS mission. Please be involved.

I will see you soon somewhere in the world!

David W. Polly, Jr., MD
SRS President 2015-2016