December 2016

Education Committee Update

Praveen V. Mummaneni, MD
Education Committee Chair

The Education Committee is responsible for the educational programs (Pre-Meeting Course, Half-Day Courses, and Lunchtime Symposia) at the Annual Meeting & Course. The feedback received from the program at the recent 51st Annual Meeting in Prague was superb. We thank the previous Education Committee Chair, Theodore Choma, MD and the presenters and organizers for a job well done.

Looking ahead to the 52nd Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, we are quite thankful for the guidance of John Dimar, MD and our president, Kenneth MC Cheung, MD. With their guidance, the Education Committee has chosen a theme for the 52nd Annual Meeting & Course: “A Multidisciplinary Approach to Global Spine Care.”

The Educational Committee is also interfacing with other organizations such as AAOS, AOSpine (Global Spine Congress), EUROSPINE, FOSA, and the AANS-CNS Joint Spine Section for co-branded offerings.  We have recruited several individuals to help with these efforts including Sigurd Berven, MD; Michael Daubs, MD; Marinus De Kleuver MD, PhD; Benny Dahl, MD, and Suken Shah, MD. The Education Committee is in close communication with the Worldwide Course Committee for international conference planning. We also interact with the Program Committee and the CME Committee to achieve our mission.

I wish to extend a personal thank you to Courtney Kissinger – our Senior Education Manager- for all of her hard work and guidance as we seek to continue the legacy of educational excellence of this Society.  

Chair: Praveen V. Mummaneni, MD Committee: Theodore Choma, MD; Muharram Yazici, MD, PhD; David Clements, MD; Nathan Lebwohl, MD; Maria C. Sacramento Dominguez, MD; Kariman Abelin-Genevois, MD; Santiago T. Bosio, MD; Robert H. Cho, MD; Robert H. Karikari, MD; Olavo Letaif, MD; Ripul Panchal, MD; Paul Park, MD; Scott Russo, MD; Jason Savage, MD; S. Rajasekaran, MD, FRCS, MCh, PhD; Richard H. Gross, MD; Yan Wang, MD; Charles H. Crawford III, MD; Paul T. Rubery, MD; Suken A. Shah​, MD; Benny T. Dahl, MD; Marco Brayda-Bruno, MD; Michael Daubs, MD